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Do The Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery Outweigh Its Risks

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Every time when you read the tabloids, you find that nearly all the pages are flooded with advertisements of different cosmetic surgery agents. The celebrities are flaunting their seductive body shape in a bid to entice people to join the cosmetic surgery. This imprints an illusion in people's mind that girls with big breast, pointed face and slim body must be "beautiful". That’s why the number of cosmetic surgery performed on women is rocketing. Many people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to permanently alter their bodies surgically. However, there are risks under the surgeries. Is it valuable to perform it? How does cosmetic surgery affect us both physically and mentally?

Cosmetic surgery offers individuals the choice to change and improve their appearance. This causes both physical and mental benefits. Physically, cosmetic surgeries, for example liposuction, help patient to lose weight and keep a slim body shape. Reducing weight helps maintain a better ...view middle of the document...

With a beautiful outlook, many cosmetic surgery patients discover that they are more confident. Patients are no longer self-conscious about their physical defects. They can focus on living their life instead of worrying about the way how others are looking at them. According to huge numbers want cosmetic surgery, study finds (2007), a number of women and men found themselves unattractive and near 30 percent of the women have low body satisfaction that they are not willing to wear swimsuit in public. Therefore, after performing the cosmetic surgery, they will be more confident and cheerful. Individuals who undergo cosmetic surgery also find themselves emotionally more outgoing. People are self-protective and pessimistic before receiving treatment. But afterwards, many of them will become a self-assertive and initiative person which may change their fates. It may also increase their opportunities to be enrolled in many professions such as models,actors and salesperson require good looking,at least at the very first glance.

Someone may concern about the risk of performing cosmetic surgery as it involved many complicated and dangerous procedures such as cutting, injection of chemicals or reshaping bone. However, cosmetic surgery, like any procedure, carries with it some degree of risk and the risks associated with cosmetic surgery are fortunately uncommon. Also, modern procedures have greatly diminished most risks. In order to curtail these risks, it is important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon that has a proven track record of success with minimal complications. Browne (2009) agrees that people should find a qualified and experienced surgeon as the professional surgeon undertakes a minimum of seven years additional training, so that the risk of surgery will reduce.

In conclusion, cosmetic surgery is aimed at achieving improvement. The improvements derived from cosmetic procedures can be life changing. These include elevation of health conditions, self-confidence, self-esteem and feelings of well-being. And the risk of performing cosmetic surgery can be diminished as long as we find the experienced surgeons and use sophisticated equipment; there is no problem for us to do so. So,I think the benefits of taking cosmetic surgery outweighs its risk.

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