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Do Social Networking Websites Dehumanize Us?

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A ghniadi - XI C (Analytical Exposition Paper)

Do Social Networking Websites Dehumanize Us?
In a seminal paper published in 2007, social media researchers Danah Boyd of Microsoft Research
New England in Cambridge, Mass., and Nicole B. Ellison of Michigan State University o er a
useful three-part de nition of social networking sites:
1) Provide a forum where users can construct a public or semipublic pro le
2) Create a list of other users with whom they share a connection
3) View and move around their list of connection and those made by others.
In a nutshell, a social networking website alter the uses of the internet. From a tool used in
anonymity to a medium which touches ...view middle of the document...

I will explain why is that theoretically noble goal will keep the gigs in real life. Practically.
Testing social skill with zero embarrassment of failing in real life
Imagine that you’re this not-so-popular-person. Not the captain of cheerleaders squad. Nor that
smooth talking hunk. Not even close to a rich geek whose laptop updated every time Apple
releases a new one. You’re ordinary. And it’s hard to show how nice or how gentle can you be to
people when you keep maintaining this low con dence. With social networking, you can develop a
better you without a chance of getting mocked, publicly.
It’s simple to join Facebook or Twitter, and make communicating so easy. It will be much
convenient to present yourself and your life, even if you’ve got poor self-image. Furthermore, it
will make those people see ‘who you really are’. In face-to-face communication, face it, most
people won’t hold that conversation for more than 5 minutes if they feel you’re not physically
attractive. But in social networking, you and millions of people will speak your mind, convey your
personality. You will see them as they really are, how nice you are or how gentle can you be.
Instead of the that-hot-looking-babe cliche. You know those scenarios, don’t you?
It will help those lonely people when they believe that their social relationships have less meaning
than they should. It’s not about hiding yourself behind digital veils, because it started long before

Aghniadi - XI C (Analytical Exposition Paper)

the Internet existed, with the advent of answering machines. It enabled a lot of people to convey
information without forcing them to interact, which will push abusing-people-thingy aside.
You will eventually learn how to interact with people, maybe slowly, but sure. And it will be as easy
as ABC to apply it in real life, since the online-o ine phase of social networking are getting
thinner as these are massively integrated to our life, in context of making life better.
It will help people to speak their mind, accommodates our sense of morality
In 12 January 2010, a massive earthquake hit Haiti. It’s about three millions of people a icted by
this catastrophe. Major damage is in every corner of the area.
Facebook and Twitter come like a saviour. People express their condolences, triggering another on
the bases of 140 character message. It moves people to care, to act, and to help. Millions of people,
ordinary people that can’t do anything back then before social networking emerges, from across
the globe gave...

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