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Do Not Copy Essay

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On June 12, 1980 at around 12:00 noon, Engr. Henry Tugade of the Pangasinan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Panelco) rode in a company rover jeep together with four other employees bound from the Panelco compound in Bani to Bolinao, Pangasinan. Somewhere in Tiep, Pangasinan, a Dagupan bus that was also headed for Bolinao, began to follow the rover jeep. While the bus was trying to overtake the jeep, the latter turned turtle and caused four of its five occupants to fall out of the jeep causing the death of Tugade and another passenger by the name of Consuelo ...view middle of the document...

2. Dismissing the complaint in Civil Case No. A-1384;
3. In Civil Case No. A-1368, ordering the defendants Pangasinan Electric Cooperative, Inc., and Honorato Areola to pay, jointly and severally, to the plaintiffs, the following:
P 99,131.00 as actual damages;
216,000.00 for loss of earning capacity;
20,000.00 moral damages; and
10,000.00 exemplary damages; and
20,000.00 attorney’s fees
With costs against said defendants.
As a consequence and in view of the evidence on record, the Court holds and so finds that the accident occurred due to the fault or negligence of Panelco and its driver Honorato Areola. The negligence of Panelco consists in having allowed its rover jeep which is mechanically defective, unsafe and not roadworthy to be operated on a highway. On the other hand, the defendant-driver Honorato Areola was likewise, negligent in driving a vehicle which was not roadworthy, unsafe and with a mechanical defect. The Court finds that the defendants Panelco and Honorato Areola are liable to pay to the plaintiffs in Civil Case No. A-1368 damages, as follows: actual damages, P99,131.00 (Exhibits “H” to “H-3”, “I” to “I-4” and “K”), attorney’s fees, P20,000.00, moral damages, P20,000.00 and exemplary damages, P10,000.00

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