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Do Managers Need Emotional Intelligence To Manage Successfully In The Workplace? Why Or Why Not?

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Emotion plays a important role in employees’ daily life and workplace, the emotion of employees will be affected by the work events and work environment, change in their emotion will also affect their behaviour and attitude of work ‘s study(Weiss & Cropanzano,op cit cited inAshkanasy, N.M. & Daus, C.S.,2002,P77).Mayer & Salovey,(1997: 5) defines emotional intelligence as 'the ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and to reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth” (Emotions and leadership: The role of emotional intelligence 2000, p. 1027).This essay ...view middle of the document...

Bradberry, Travis concludes that mnagers need to be familiar with their emotions, why you're having them, and how they factor in to the situation at hand. Here, there is no substitute for the core emotional intelligence skills of self-awareness and self-management.Bradberry, Travis suggest prople have A bit of positive self-talk - reminding herself of all the times she has succeeded and how qualified she is to speak on the topic - enables the effective speaker to use her performance anxiety to sharpen her focus and make her more articulate. If you think that's silly, then you probably haven't tried it. Emotional intelligence doesn't just make you aware of your emotions, it equips you with strategies for keeping them from holding you back. Zeidner, M., Matthews, G. & Roberts, R.DHigh EI leaders are claimed, according to this model, to generate excitement, enthusiasm, and optimism in the work environment and are said to be able to maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and trust through the development of high quality interpersonal relations.

Emotional intelligence to managers self is also prerequisite circumstance to build relationship with the employees. Social awareness of emotions and empathy, which includes awareness of others’ feelings, needs, and concerns, understanding and sympathising with others’ emotions, and responding to others’ unspoken feelings (Goleman, 1998; Huy, 1999; cf. Salovey & Mayer, 1990; Williams & Sternberg, 1988).1 Jennifer M. George state When the excitement and enthusiasm are faked, a leader needs to determine why as well as try to instill real feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Through their ability to appraise other people's emotions, their knowledge of emotions, and their ability to manage emotions, leaders who are high on emotional intelligence are likely to be better able to decipher when expressed emotions are genuine, understand why they may be faked, and influence followers to experience genuine excitement, enthusiasm, confidence, and optimism rather than fake these feelings.During the emotional communication, it is quite easy for managers to know their working, emotion or economic situation and help to change the straitened circumstance to meet their needs and objectives. According to Jennifer M. George,Constructive thinking can lead to the generation of creative ideas to settle disagreements, arrive at win-win solutions to problems, and ensure cooperation and trust throughout an organization. Because leaders who are high on emotional intelligence are better able to understand and manage their own emotions, they may be more likely to engage in constructive thinking to build and maintain high levels of cooperation and trust.

Only if the managers get feedback from the employees, they will be able to make adjustment for them. After the manager realize the problem with the employees,they have to make decision to regulate and control them, such as increase the employees’ wages, praise...

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