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Do Aliens Exist? Essay

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From the ancient to present times, millions of people have claimed to have seen unidentified objects (UFO) in the sky or have encountered beings from outer space. The UFOs and alien beings are one of the most controversial mysteries to mankind; although we have never been sure whether these are our mere imaginations, Air Force experiments or visitors from distant planets. There have been recordings trying to prove that they are true albeit most of those are a hoax. There are countless famous incidents such as the Hill abduction case and the UFO crash in Roswell. Is this some sort of a huge conspiracy, or are there people who wish to have public attention?

There are many records which say that extraterrestrial beings have visited Earth from the ancient times. These records, found in the form of stone tablets, petroglyphs, paintings and monuments, are located throughout the Earth. For example, a stone plate, which is dated to be 9,000 years old, ...view middle of the document...

If these encounters are a hoax, it is a very effective one; on the other hand, if this is a veritable occurrence, it is one of the most unresolved mysteries on Earth.

There are much confusion between real life events and hoaxes. In 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico, a rancher found pieces of metals scattered around his farm after a violent storm. After alerting the military, they arrived and cleared away the wreckage. They claimed it was a crashed weather balloon while the press claimed it to be a UFO. In the 1990s, video clips of the dissection of the aliens recovered from Roswell were released. However, it was quickly branded a hoax by the physiologists and sceptics. Then, what actually happened? It is believed that the wreckage was the US government’s secret listening device called Project Mogul. Since Mogul was top secret, the government refused to release any information about it, sparking many UFO rumours.

Military experimentations could explain many of the UFO sightings, such as activities in Area 51, in America. A majority of people believe that Area 51 is a flight testing facility. There are many rumours regarding to extraterrestrial beings because of the intense secrecy within the base. The rumours say that Area 51 engages in activities such as: storage and examination of crashed spacecrafts, study of extraterrestrial beings, development of time-travel and teleportation technology and the manufacture of aircraft based on ‘alien technology’. If any aircrafts, looking like UFOs people claim to have seen, is seen flying around American cities, it is likely that the citizens mistake the aircrafts to be a veritable UFO.

It is said by many individuals that aliens exist, and that we are not alone in the universe. History records say that aliens have visited us from the ancient times. They still do these days, although some sceptics say that they are not true. Then what is it that we are seeing in our skies?


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