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Dns Server Essay

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Security Domains and Strategies

This project provides you an opportunity to apply the competencies gained in various units of this course to identify security challenges and apply strategies of countermeasures in the information systems environment.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
* You will learn the purpose of a multi-layered security strategy.
* You will understand the information systems security (ISS) fundamentals including the definition of terms, concepts, elements, and goals.
* You will incorporate the industry standards and practices with a focus on the confidentiality, integrity, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, IT is in great need of proper security controls.

Richman Investments is a mid-level financial investment and consulting firm. The Richman corporate headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Currently, there are eight branch offices in:
* Atlanta, Georgia
* Chicago, Illinois
* Cincinnati, Ohio
* Denver, Colorado
* Los Angeles, California
* Montreal, Canada
* New York City, New York
* Washington, D.C.

You are a networking intern at Richman Investments. This morning, you received an e-mail from your supervisor stating that you need to create an outline of the general security solutions planned for the safety of data and information that belongs to the organization. You are told that every month, the networking division needs to submit a report to the senior management about the security plan for the month, and this time, your outline will become a part of that report. Therefore, you need to research the elements of a multi-layered security plan and to create an outline. Your outline should indicate one or more general security solutions for each of the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure.

For this project part, you may use the book for this course and the Internet to research the concept of a multi-layered security plan. Include several applicable layers for the plan, and describe at least one layer of security for each of the seven domains.

Project Part 1 should be submitted in the following format and style:
* Format: Microsoft Word
* Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space
* Citation Style: Chicago Manual of Style
* Length: 1–2 pages

Self-Assessment Checklist
* I have included several applicable layers for the plan.
* I have described at least one layer of security for each of the seven domains.
* I have conducted adequate independent research for the report.

Project Part 2 Student SSCP® Domain Research Paper

The (ISC)2 SSCP® is frequently viewed as the first step in an information security career path, leading to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) and other advanced certifications.

Continuing the Richman Investments scenario explained in Part 1 of the project, the offices have a total of 5,000 employees, and the office technology inventory includes desktops, mobile computers, and wireless devices. There is a mix of computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X. Most of the managers have BlackBerry devices for instant communication, and all employees are provided cell phones. A Windows Active Directory forest with domains is set up for each office, and seven file and print servers are located in the Phoenix office. The Phoenix office also contains two proxy servers, configured as an array, that provide Web cache services and Internet access control for the organization. The majority of applications are Web-based and hosted from the Phoenix...

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