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Division Essay

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Football is viewed as one of the most popular and loved games in America. A country that was really built around the pastime of baseball, has now adopted a passion for the sport of football. Sundays, which have been known through the world as a day of worship, and a day of rest, has now been devoted to football in America. The most dangerously beautiful sport, or event of any kind, that has just become a part of almost every American life. The first thought of even the most novice of football fans is the quarterback, the cornerstone of any team. There are many more components to a team: coaches, trainers, managers and fans, ...view middle of the document...

The quarterback is the first person to touch the ball once the play begins, it is his responsibility to make the best decisions to put his team in a better position to win each game, he must have the intelligence to know how each play is going to break down and who to give the ball to. As each play develops, and the quarterback finds his target, he must then have the talent to make the play, the arm strength and perception to complete his pass. If all fails, if the wrong decisions are made, the quarterback has to have the composure to let it go and prepare for the next play.
The excitement that comes with an incredible catch, an unbelievable run, or an amazing move on the field, are some of the greatest feelings while watching football. These plays are all made by different positions on the offense: wide receivers, running backs, fullbacks, and tight ends. All of these positions can be grouped together into a section of playmakers. The playmakers are the best group of athletes on the team, usually the fastest and quickest of players. Game after game these athletes make just truly amazing plays, plays that really bring out the pure finesse and beauty of a sport that has such a rugged outlook on the outside. These are the players that make plays that send the entire stadium of fans into a roar of excitement. These are the players that score the points for the offense, and ultimately have a big impact on the outcome of the game. The athletic abilities that these guys possess on a football are truly incredible, and almost limitless to some. Not only do you have to have the intelligence to view and recognize opposing defenses, but you have to have the knowledge and skill set in order to put together the proper techniques to pull off such incredible plays. Some players may use their speed as a tool to gain an advantage over defenses. The raw ability to be faster than any other player around you can get you open, and put you into position to make a great play for your team. Other plays may have the quickness to evade opposing defenders. A quick spin, stutter step, or side step, may keep a player from being tackled, which could leave the player in open field to score. The ability to catch a football is a very sought out talent by all football coaches and teams on...

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