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Diversity Research Paper

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Hate Crimes- Are they that common?
Dr. Joseph Carrier – Multicultural Diversity

In Columbia Missouri, we pride ourselves on making national news for our sports programs, academics and becoming one of the top places to live in the country. We live by a code of inclusion and acceptance and have become a liberal Mecca. However, recent events in the growing city have shown another, less attractive side to the home of the University of Missouri. With making national headlines and social media uproars, Mizzou has become a symbol for the fight against hate crimes. However, these crimes aren’t just happening in small towns and conservative states; hate crimes are everywhere. With the ...view middle of the document...

There were no definitions; there were no laws, and certainly no punishments. The onset of hate crimes in the modern society started with African Americans. Though many think of the onset of hate crimes being closer to the time period of segregation and civil rights movements, hate crimes started many years before that. The first introduction of hate crimes towards the African American race began with slavery, but entered the modern era with topics like segregation and public hangings. Though the end of slavery tends to be where most people reason that rights started to become more equal, true progress wasn’t made until much later than that. The Jim Crow laws(pilgrim, 2012) that began the separation of whites and blacks in society, tends to be where the dark tales of hate crimes start. Being forced to go to different schools, eat at different restaurants and drink from different fountains, encouragement to separate the two races came from everywhere. When the civil rights movement began in 1955 (Civil Rights Movement, 2015), the goal was to finally end the separation of two races and have them be seen as equal. However, with hatred already being a learned behavior from one race to another, it has continued to create tension between white people and black people. It’s hard when being raised that one race is of lesser human value than another, to unlearn those behaviors and then to refrain from teaching them to the next generation. As the oldest documented group to be so heavily discriminated against, there comes a sense of “we didn’t know any better” from the white community. The hate towards this race tends to be blamed on tradition and old teachings instead of admitting that classifying another human being as less than a person is where things went wrong in the first place. When society said that it was okay to let two different races live their lives like the other didn’t exist, it created a barrier that is still present today. It condones stereotypes that all white people believe black people are lesser than them, and white people believe that black people always assume this. Current events surrounding racism have only confirmed that this is happening. When the Concerned Student 1950 campaign started on Mizzou’s campus in early October, it was their list of demands that made a national uproar. Including things such as the University of Missouri System President, Tim Wolfes, acknowledgment of his white male privilege, and a demand for the percent of black teachers to rise to %10 before the 2017-2018 academic year (List of Demands From Concerned Student 1950 Group, 2015), the tension isn’t being created from one specific direction. As black people say they are striving for equality, their actions are saying otherwise. Specifying a demand to tailor to a certain race doesn’t seem to be something any other race could be granted. Instead of working towards inclusion with the students and employees already at Mizzou, they are asking for the privilege...

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