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Diversity Paper

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Dual Diversity Paper 1

Dual Diversity Paper

BSHS/422 Cultural Diversity and Special Population

Dual Diversity Paper 2

Minority Disabled Veteran population are the Veterans that have been identified by their ethnic background. These Veterans are men and women that are African Americans, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Native American/ Alaska Native and Native ...view middle of the document...

The Center for Minority Veterans was established by Public Law 103-446 in 1994. CMV serves as an advocate for the minority Veterans by conduction outreach activities that educate and promote awareness of the use of the VA benefits and services.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is considered as a disability for Veterans. Studies have shown that minorities suffer the most with this disorder. African Americans had much higher exposure to war stresses and they had more predisposing factors than the White military staff members did. A Department of Veterans study of Asian American Pacific Islander Vietnam Veterans found that there are race-related stressors, play an important predictor of PTSD symptoms. This accounted for the combat exposure and military rank. Therefore, even after the combat exposure, the effect of exposure to race-related stressors of PTSD. Race related events would include being shot at by a fellow American solider for being mistaken for the enemy; mentally abused by staff and suffering harassment, and physically
Dual Diversity Paper 3

injured due to the resemblance or symbolizing the enemy. Disability Compensation and the typical beneficiary, is service disability compensation that is a tax-free benefit paid directly to Veterans for a disability that occurred during and while serving in a United Sates Military branch, and was worsened or aggravated by service, or is presumed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to be related to military service. The typical beneficiary for disability compensation through the Department of Veterans Affairs is a service member or Veteran that became injured physically or diagnosed with psychologically issues that are related to service.
The VA healthcare systems and Administration has developed many programs to support Veterans that have a disability. The first step to helping the disabled Veterans is through accessibility and education. The Centers for Minority Veterans and the mental health services within the VA systems has taken great strides to hold various educational meet and greets, that are called Stand down, these take place various times of the year at different scheduled times depending on the location of the VA. Most focus on the mental health needs of Veterans but also serves as an education opportunity for Veterans in the surrounding communities to come and see and hear what all programs are available to them as well as gaining knowledge on how to obtain benefits that they are eligible to obtain.
For some minority Veterans, there is always a stigma associated with seeking out the help and obtaining the benefits that they may qualify for, due to lack of knowledge, cultural beliefs. In my own family I have at least one member ,that has served during World War II to the current conflicts and as African...

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