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Diversity Management Essay

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BUSI 4406
Case #1
Briarwood industries
May Ebotoke 0460972
Dr. Malika Das
FEB 28,02,2013

Many groups have benefited from diversity initiatives, but women have benefited the most out of all the other groups. Even though women still have a long way to go in terms of corporate, economic, and government leadership. Till this day gender is playing a large role in social construction. Some of these issues and factors are within the control of women and some are not we can clearly see this implemented in this case. Briarwood seems to have great opportunities for employees to excel and move up in the organization but it is not apparent that these opportunities are equal for both men ...view middle of the document...

I never complained about the assignment or complained about living away from my family for a year” so she feels like she had sacrificed a lot for her job and had done everything to be a part of the team and in the end she was not appreciated or acknowledged for all what she had done. In these statement it clearly shows how there is a clear transformational style in her leadership style and the reason for me saying this not only because she is a women but according to the book this style of leadership style is oriented on weighing feelings and the impact on people when making decisions. She had clearly displayed this in her statement above about taking credit for a team job.
Also when she went to hand in her resignation to the vice president he had explained to her that he was shocked to learn that she was interested in the job “we see you as a hard working, loyal employee, but not as corporate level material. You seem to lack the competitiveness, independence, self-confidence, and level of comfort with risk at this job.” What he is describing is the typical description according to many sources and the book as transactional type of leadership style which is associated with a typical male.
She also expressed how she even accepted 8,000 to 10,000 lower pay than managers at her level of experience. Even though this practice has been banned by the law since 1963 there is still a gap between men and women if we look at the time frame when this was issue Diane had to deal with this during 1990’s during this time women in the work force was not as accepted as it is today and the feminist movement was still on the rise. To us now looking back on this case we can point and blame the organization and everyone else but at the same time we need to keep in mind that most of the people in the society and the workplace have been adjusting to women being part of the work force and till today we still see this issue in nontraditional jobs. We have come a long way from where we were many years back and this is why Diane had been dealing and facing these issues.
Larry, the person who got the job, since he was the one promoted and being a man with tenure at the company possessed these characteristics and was acknowledged by top management and other colleagues. One of the people in the office viewed as a “go getter” and made sure that his intention for the position has been clear from the beginning. He made sure that top management had heard about all his work and volunteered to represent the company at the labor negotiation with the truck driver’s union. Those reports were sent right to top management. Taking into consideration that Larry being a male and that he automatically gets a heads up in a male dominant environment also with very unclear standards this could make or break the deal and in this case it did. For this promotion to be fair no matter what the gender or ethnicity it Briarwood must adjust its promotion guidelines and properly recognize its...

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