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Diversity Conflicts In The Nicu Essay

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According to Giger and Davidhizar (2007), diversity has always been represented since the founding of the United States. Even though diversity was prevalent; the demographic profile continues to grow and change (Gordon, 2013). In order provide effective and efficient health services; health care organizations need to develop cultural and linguistic competence (Gordon, 2013). The aim for health care organizations is to achieve cultural competence as evidenced by every patient regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or language receiving the highest-quality care (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, & Park, 2005). Betancourt, Green, Carillo, and Ananeh-Firempong II (2003) defined a cultural ...view middle of the document...

) “Become familiar with the types of issues and challenges that are particularly important in caring for patients of different cultural backgrounds”; 3.) “Think about each patient as an individual, with many different social, cultural, and personal influences, rather than using general stereotypes about cultural groups”; 4.) “Understand how discrimination and mistrust affect the interaction of patients with physicians and the health care system”; 5.) Develop a greater sense of curiosity, empathy, and respect toward patients who are culturally different, and thus be encouraged to develop better communication and negotiation skills through ongoing instruction”. (Gordon, 2013, p. 24, 25). With this information, it would be in the best interest of the organization for her to continue hiring employees with diverse populations.
The manager also noted an employee with strong religious beliefs to be judgmental towards a specific patient population. Patients should be viewed as individuals and not by stereotyping due to specific characteristics or categorized to a particular cultural group (Lowe & Archibald, 2009). Lehman, Fenza, and Hollinger-Smith (n.d.) discusses how theorist Dr. Josepha Campinha-Bachote developed the Culturally Competent Model of Care. Dr. Camphinha-Bachote incorporated five concepts of cultural competence: “cultural awareness (a self-reflection of one’s own biases), cultural knowledge (obtaining information about different cultures), cultural skill (conducting an assessment of cultural data of the patient), cultural encounters (personal experiences with patients of different backgrounds), and cultural desire (the process of wanting to be culturally competent)” (Lehman, Fenza, & Hollinger-Smith, n.d., p. 2). As evidenced by the Commonwealth Fund initiative health care providers need to understand differing viewpoints, values and beliefs that could potentially lead to conflict (Gordon, 2013). Organizations need to develop a set of values and principles, demonstrate behavior and attitudes that will support the health care provider to provide culturally competent care (Fuller & Red, n.d.).
The manager had also been alerted to differing treatment to a particular family versus another. The question was raised should the manager send her staff to a Customer Satisfaction Program. Since it was a specific family member and not all family members, it would be more beneficial to have the staff participate in cultural competence training. Galanti (n.d.) acknowledged health care professionals’ genuine desire to provide the best possible care for all patients, regardless of race, gender and ethnic origin could be enhanced with education and cultural competence. Health care organizations must promote energies to developing staff and other providers’ knowledge, skills and attitudes to deliver culturally competent services (Castillo & Guo, 2011). Health care organizations should develop processes to effectively work in cultural...

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