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Diversity Audit In Mental Health Essay

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A Diversity Audit in Mental Health Setting

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Possible explanations for this are discussed. Managerial

implications stemming from this study are; Leaders who recognize and understand employee

preferences based on ethnicity and gender will be better prepared to encourage a diverse

workforce to work together towards a common goal.

Diversity management can be a benefit to Serenity Behavioral Health System employees and

organizations; receptivity to diversity is thought to be a prerequisite of diversity management;

Hiring the right staff, focusing on team skills, diversity training, conducting audits and leadership

support are important elements of a diversity management strategy. Similar studies should be

conducted to confirm the results of this study, and to find ways to improve diversity management

approaches and methods in mental healthcare organization.


There has been a movement by many Serenity Behavioral Health System organizations for

example, Mental Health Facilities over the last two decades to place more emphasis on valuing

employee differences, and developing diversity management initiatives policies and programs

that benefit all employees regardless of differences for a common goal. The benefits of a diverse

workforce are the topic of discussion in many organizations in a variety of Serenity Behavioral

Health System Facilities. At the same time, organizations are faced with understanding the

importance of valuing differences and instituting effective diversity management initiatives as

counter measures to protect themselves from such negative consequences as lawsuits, loss of

competitive advantage and diminished legitimacy in the eyes of the customers they serve.

The increase in females and racial minority entrants in the work force, along with employers

concerns about motivating and obtaining satisfactory levels of performance from a diverse group

of employees, has created an urgency to understand and recognize the value of differences (Soni,

2000). Although literature on diversity has increased, few Mental healthcare management

articles have published original research on the subject of racial and ethnic diversity

(Dreachslin, Jimpson, Sprainer & Evans, 2001).

The extant literature suggests mixed corporate attitudes toward the philosophy of valuing

differences. Historically, several organizations have implemented a variety of initiatives for

effectively utilizing and managing the current and projected diverse work force, but there are still

some that have shown less interest in diversity issues. For example, the Avon Corporation

implemented awareness training at all levels of the organization. It formed a multicultural

participation council, which included the Chief Executive Officer other high-ranking officials of

Avon as well as minority employees. On the other hand, a survey of 1,406 U.S. organizations by

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