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Diversity At Big Bazaar Essay

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Diversity refers to the differences in physical characteristics which are easily perceived such as gender, race, age, ethnicity or disability or differences in values, personality and work preferences. Big Bazaar attempts to achieve diversity in the employees by means of selective recruitment. Every store has a set of workers who know the local language and etiquettes. Incidentally, the number of languages known is an important parameter in the selection ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the gender ratio in Big Bazaar is also almost equal, given the fact that certain sections of the store, mainly those dealing with women merchandise, have to be managed by women. “We always try to keep the number of men and women near to equal in the stores because they have different skills”, Mr. X said.

Also by means of training, the employees develop diverse skill sets according to their intended role in the organization. “For every level there are different trainings. Trainings also differ for different lines of business such as food, clothes, consumer durablesand electronics. This is done to ensure that the diverse skill set matches the job requirement”, Ms. Devayani said.

After critical analysis among the group, we reached conclusion on the fact that the diversity policy of Big Bazaar is still in its nascent stage. While almost all MNCs have stringent male to female ratio maintenance policies, for Big Bazaar it is majorly due to the fact that some store areas specialize in women merchandise where men cannot be employed and vice-versa. Also, the managers try to recruit maximum people from the locality of the store which surely serves their purpose of more customer satisfaction but dampens the spirit of diversity in the organization.

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