Diversity Action Plan Due To Future Trends In Population Growth, It Will Be More Important Than Ever For Organizations To Prepare For The Challenges And Opportunities Presented By Diversity

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Diversity issues relate to race, gender, age, disabilities, religion, job title, physical appearance, sexual orientation, nationality, multiculturalism, competency, training, experience, and personal habits. Diversity in the workplace is the norm and most employers embrace this trend and encourage the trend.. Most companies are developing effective ways to enhance working relationships with diverse people at work because each company have realized that diversity adds a special richness, but can also come with special challenges. General Electric (GE) is one of those companies whose workplace consists of a diverse environment. One way that GE has embraced diversity is by offshore outsourcing. ...view middle of the document...

IBM is one of the many large corporations that has led the way in IT outsourcing by shifting jobs from America to companies in India.There has been much press about outsourcing leading to unemployment problems in the west. Unions especially have called for a protectionist approach in dealing with outsourcing (The Economist, 2004). The American Federation of labor says employment in U.S. software-producing industries fell by 128,000 jobs from 2000 to early 2004 (American Federation of Labor, 2004). This is not taking into account the economic downturn after 9/11 and other hardships the software industry has faced. There have been other points made about protecting American jobs and it was a major issue after the 9/11 attacks and the economic downturn. The truth is that outsourcing represents less than 1 percent of gross job loss per quarter, an estimated 55,000 jobs (Kane, Schaefer & Fraser, 2004). There is very little impact on the employment rate in America. The unemployment rate during the month of October 2004 was steady at 5.5 percent where it has been for much of the year (Krueger, 2004). This is no cause for concern for people who think that jobs are being shipped overseas and their job too will be lost if something is not done. Two million jobs have been added to the American economy since the end of the recession and there are more Americans employed than ever before (Kane et al., 2004).Cultural Norms and WorkgroupsOutsourcing for tech related help lines seem to be corrugating in India where software engineers are in abundance and are willing to work for approximately 1/10 the wage of a software engineer in the USA. When speaking of international business, marketing plays a major role, how do you intend to inform the consumer about your product? Over 90% of the world's consumers live outside the US making culture-wise marketing vital. Also it becomes increasingly difficult to create a set of standards for use as marketing templates in other countries/regions. However, there are companies that do this. Theodore Levitt is the founder of the global marketing approach used by some companies such as coca-cola and Marlboro that stresses to keep the product and promotions the same worldwide. Some companies will adapt the promotion only, for example, in the USA; bicycles are promoted as leisure while in the rest of the world they are promoted as transportation (Aisner, 2006).Other companies will adapt the product only and not the promotion, for instance, American beer companies make the beer that's being sent to Canada slightly more bitter than American beer simply because Canadians enjoy a more bitter taste, also in Japan, Barbie dolls are made a bit different to look Asian, while the promotional aspects of each stays the same.Selected WorkgroupOur selected workgroup is General Electric (GE). GE is a global business made up of innovative ideas and leaders. Thomas Edison founded GE in 1876; by 1890 Edison had established the Edison General...

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