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Diversity Essay

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What in your view was the short significance of the religious policies of Ferdinand and Isabella 1480-1504?
Catholicism was a major importance in the Spanish society. Ferdinand and Isabella ruled Spain with the persuasion of their faith and majority of their policies was influenced through religion. The tradition of ‘Convivencia’ is cultural ideas between the three religious groups and ideas of religious tolerance. This played a huge part of Spanish society as there were three religions during this time period which were Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

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They knew that to control the Church, they needed to be able to place individuals of their own choosing in important Church positions. These choices had usually been made by the pope. ‘

* Military orders
The Cortes was established in the 8th century to keep the power of the monarchs under control. The Cortes controlled the national treasury, and the king or queen were required to get approval for all major expenditures. Over time, the members of the Cortes, made up of the aristocrats, became very power.
Although Ferdinand and Isabella reduced the powers of the aristocrats, they knew that they still needed their support. To compensate them for their loss of political power, Ferdinand and Isabella granted the aristocrats huge tracts of land and exempted them from paying taxes on these holdings. After the territories controlled by the Moors were conquered, they were divided among a small number of noble families loyal to the monarchs

* Religious uniformity

* Reform of the church
In 1486, Pope Innocent VIII gave Ferdinand and Isabella the right to choose whomever they wanted to fill Church positions.’ They were granted this power in Spain and later had the same power in their colonies. This power had seldom been given up by the Roman Catholic Church. In return, Ferdinand and Isabella agreed to set up the Spanish Inquisition.

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