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|Life of Pi|Real World|
When? (Perspectual)| At the age of 14 he studied Islam and Christianity. 1977 was when the family decided to emigrate to Canada (Age 16)| Life of Pi was published in 2001, believed to be written late 1990’s. “Now it looks like Life of Pi was this big monumental work, but when I was writing it, I was a poor writer living in Montreal.” – (Martel Yann)Yann started writing at the age of 27. |
Where? (Locational)| Pondicherry India. (Hometown.) They also own the zoo. Due to new Government policies, Pi’s father decided to sell the zoo and emigrate his family into Canada. Also, Piscine Martel, when older, was speaking of the story in Toronto.|High school- Port Hope ...view middle of the document...

2) You can choose your story. 3) A story with God is the better story.” – (Martel Yann)To influence more people to look up to god, and to believe in him in frightening or happy situations. “What is life?” – (Martel, Yann) “Do I have a role?”- (Martel, Yann) I believe that the theme in the real word for this book is to rely on spirituality. Yann is showing that science and religion do not have to collide. To be different isn’t a bad position.“It’s to do with discovering life through a religious perspective.” – Yann MartelFinding, and knowing of religion is healing. |
Why? (Political)| “Religion will save us” Mr Kumar said that religion never had saved anyone, and that science is an important tool, that will make the world a better place. Also to know one religion was normal for Pi, but to eventually know Hinduism, Catholicism, and finally Islam, the religious leaders did not accept his plural religions. His family gradually put their trust into Pi. | The author Yann speaks on how our world today is unfashionable when it comes to faith, and believes. His journey is incredible just like the little Indian boy, who found Christ through a troubled journey, yet was still worth it in the end. “And I was writing a novel that featured zoos, and most novel readers don’t like zoos, they think zoos are jails. And I was writing a novel about religion that respected religion. … I was looking at faith, which is highly, highly unfashionable in mainstream Canada.” ( Martel, Yann) .Being brought up in Quebec, Martel discovered it as a very anti-religious culture. Part of his training in university was to piece the all of the proofs of god. He then realized that a spiritual perspective was missing in his life. A decision was made that to know more proofs of god, he would have to experience church. Yann then went to a catholic church, and continued to. With exploring different cultures, Yann went to India and South America visiting holy experiences. He then discovered that religions all over the world are different. Meaning we can view the world in different ways as well. “You must make a leap of faith to get the full flavour of life.” (Martel, Yann)It is very inspirational. |

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