Distrust Factor Among Specialized Populations Essay

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Deborah Gloria
February 23, 2013
Dr. Michael Rothrock
Distrust Factor Among Specialized Populations
Trust is the obligation or responsibility imposed on a person. By the same token distrust is to
regard as untrustworthy or regard with suspension, to have no faith or confidence in. To build
positive patient-provider relationships, recruiting and retaining patients for research projects, and
work effectively with communities trust is essential. Distrust comes from “historical trauma”,
and “intergeneration wounding” imposed on various minority populations (Kosoko-Lasasi,
Cook, & O, 2009)
One example of “intergeneration wounding” to American Indians was genocidal
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women did not speak out for fear of losing their services with the Indian Health Services
(Carpio, 2004). Due to these tragic events it shows us that trust is very important today. It is
Crucial to have a patient-physician awareness and understanding of each other and their cultures.
Building a relationship between a patient-physician is a trust factor that cannot be ignored.
When trust is developed the patient mainly complies with the medical treatment and health is
improved. Patients have a more open communication with their physician because of this trust
and are able to open up and supply the physician with more workable knowledge that the
physician can work with for the patient’s treatment, relating to health issues. “Without trust
patients may not access services at all, let alone disclose medically important information”
(Rowe & Calnan, February 2006)
Trust requires greater communication skills on behalf of the physician. The ways physicians
interact with patients has to change, providing information and participation in and supporting
decision-making requires greater skills and may result in more consultation, and second opinions.
It also depends on the patient’s willingness and ability to take a more active role in their health
issues and whether they have the resources (finance, time, energy) to do this (Rowe & Calnan,
February 2006).
Physician’s behavior can be associated with trust. Patients want to trust their physicians
based on competency, communication, caring, and honesty. The physician can improve on
getting the patients trust by being in touch with the patients’ health, knowing the patient’s
medical condition and the ability to deal with the diagnosis, understanding of communication
which is making sure that the patient, really understands what the physician is saying, fulfilling
trust, which can mean something as simple as following up with lab/test results and relating
these results to the patient, and supporting the patient in a non-judgmental and...

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