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Distribution Marketing Essay

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Partex Group started its journey in 1959 .M.A Hashem, founder chairman of the group. M.A Hashem, the living legend steered the group with such incomparable dynamics and skills, that the group attained prolific growth over a period of 50 years conglomerating 60 companies most of which are diverse manufacturing units. The enormous growth and fulfillment of anticipated success caused eventually a natural exodus from patrimonial management system while using the Partex as a springboard that has been held in high respect both at home and abroad for last 50 years for our adherence to values, quality products and business ethics. With the passage of time and advent of business, the ...view middle of the document...

Although registered as a Public Limited Company, no public offerings have been made as yet. The factory was setup in Rajendrapur, 40km away from Dhaka city. The company commenced commercial production on 6th October 1997, and RC was launched in Dhaka on 20th October 1997. This is the story of how Partex Beverage Limited became the sole official bottler of Royal Crown Cola Co. International. PPL began its commercial production in the year 2004 with an objective to produce high quality plastic products for both industrial and home use. These products include: Pipes, Furniture and Storage Boxes. PPL has now become one of the largest producers of plastic products in Bangladesh. PPL mission is to become an internationally recognized manufacturer of plastic products.
Distribution Channel:
The path through which goods and services travel from the vendor to the consumer or payments for those products travel from the consumer to the vendor. A distribution channel can be as short as a direct transaction from the manufacturer to the consumer, or may include several interconnected intermediaries along the way such as wholesalers, distributors, agents and retailers. In Partex Beverage Limited they are using both direct and in indirect channel. They have 290 indirect channels and some direct channel. In direct channels are distributing the products all over the Bangladesh and direct channels are distributed Dhaka and its surrounding places.

Channel Design Sequence and Selection criteria:
Managers frequently complain about a lack of communication between their marketing and sales executives, often caused by a poorly designed or implemented distribution channel strategy. A well-designed distribution channel strategy takes into account both the salespeople's activities with channel partners and the marketing managers' efforts to better reach and serve end-users. Channel design is creating a totally new channel or modifying an existing channel of distribution structure. There are eleven steps involved in creating a channel design. Partex Beverage is following all the eleven steps of creating a channel design sequentially.
Channel Design Criteria are what manufacturer and end user want distributor to look like. Partex Beverage ltd looks some basic selection criteria to set up a new channel.
* Reputation: They only select those distributors who have a strong reputation in the market. Like Eagle distributor.
* Financial Strength: They select those distributors who are financially solvent.
* Sales Revenue Performance: They want their distributors will be good in sales performance.
* Knowledge of local market conditions: They want their distributor will have strong knowledge about local market.
* Employee quality: They select those distributors who have better quality employees.
Enticements and Inducements:
The enticements they are offering to their distributors are given below.
* Quality Products: Partex beverage ltd always offer...

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