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Distributed Computing: What Is It And Can It Be Useful

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Distributed Computing: What Is It and Can It Be Useful

A Brief Introduction

You can define distributed computing many different ways. Various vendors have created and marketed distributed computing systems for years, and have developed numerous initiatives and architectures to permit distributed processing of data and objects across a network of connected systems. They have developed a virtual environment where you can harness idle CPU cycles and storage space of tens, hundreds, or thousands of networked systems to work together on a particularly processing-intensive problem. The growth of such processing models has been limited, however, due to a lack of compelling applications ...view middle of the document...

The social or logistical challenge is to find all those widely dispersed computers and persuade their owners to make them available.
In most cases today, a distributed computing architecture consists of very lightweight software agents installed on a number of client systems, and one or more dedicated distributed computing management servers. There may also be requesting clients with software that allows them to submit jobs along with lists of their required resources. An agent running on a processing client detects when the system is idle, notifies the management server that the system is available for processing, and usually requests an application package. The client then receives an application package from the server and runs the software when it has spare CPU cycles, and sends the results back to the server. The application may run as a screen saver, or simply in the background, without impacting normal use of the computer. If the user of the client system needs to run his own applications at any time, control is immediately returned, and processing of the distributed application package ends.3 This must be essentially instantaneous, as any delay in returning control will probably be unacceptable to the user.
What are some Applications

The following scenarios are examples of some types of application tasks that can be set up to take advantage of distributed computing.
Prime Numbers. For two decades, the weapon of choice in this elite sport was a supercomputer—preferably the latest model from Cray Research. Beginning in 1979, the prime-number pursuit was dominated by David Slowinski and his colleagues at Cray (which is now a division of Silicon Graphics).4 The Cray team had to keep topping their own records, because they had so little competition elsewhere. In 1996, however, a new largest prime was found with an unpretentious desktop PC. The discoverer was a member of an Internet consortium who attacked the problem collectively with a few thousand computers. In August of 1997 another member of the same group found a still larger prime, which stands as the current record. Slowinski, being a good sport, offered one of his supercomputers to verify the discoveries.5
Golomb rulers. Imagine a six-inch ruler with marks inscribed not at the usual equal intervals but at 0, 1, 4 and 6 inches. Taking all possible pairs of marks, you can measure six distinct distances: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches. A ruler on which no two pairs of marks measure the same distance is called a Golomb ruler, after Solomon W. Golomb of the University of Southern California, who described the concept 25 years ago.6 The 0-1-4-6 example is a perfect Golomb ruler, in that all integer intervals from 1 to the length of the ruler are represented. On rulers with more than four marks, perfection is not possible; the best you can do is an optimal Golomb ruler, which for a given number of marks is the shortest ruler on which no intervals are duplicated.7
Aliens. If the...

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