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Distance Education Towards Women Empowerment Essay

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank my respected teacher Mr. Carl Bloom for giving me the chance to work on such an interesting topic for my term paper. The topic for this term paper was “Student spending habits”. The main purpose of this research was to find out what students actually spend their money on. I wanted to find out whether students are actually spending their money on things which are absolutely necessary or whether they are just wasting their money on unnecessary items. I have tried to reach to my conclusions by taking a survey of 60 students and an interview of a lecturer of Consumer Behavior courses from North South University, Mr. Junaid Khan. ...view middle of the document...

Hence there is not much a need for dorms, on-campus living, living away from home, and necessary students funding provided. This is a major cut-down for students as living away from home adds further finances to be considered in spending.
In Bangladesh students are mainly backed financially by their parents till their graduation. So they have the liberty of spending whatever money they get besides their tuition fees in anyway they wish. They don’t have to worry about expenditures such as washing powders, soaps and so on, since these are already available at home. However, in western countries students who live in dorms or away from homes in different universities have to bear these thoughts in their mind.


Unfortunately I was unable to get any secondary sources regarding students’ spending habits in context of Bangladesh. However, I gathered some information regarding students’ spending habits in the United States of America. With this information I have tried to show a comparison between students of Bangladesh and students in the USA. For my secondary source of date I was able to gather a publication by the Indiana University, USA. The data provided in that publication showed that students of that university spent their money on food at least 1-3 times a week and when they did 68% of it was on fast food or pizza. Once or twice a month they went out to movies or got a rental. Another result showed that students almost never spent their money on hardware, jewelry or electronics. In Bangladesh we have similar expenditure patterns, however, students don’t spend their money on rentals or movie theaters, they spend it on CD’s and DVD’s. One important difference which can be pointed out between American and Bangladeshi students is that, American students spend their money at bars and pubs. The survey results from the Indiana University show that 30.7% of the students go to bars at least 1-3 times a week. In Bangladesh since alcohol is a banned item students don’t spend their money at bars or pubs. The Indiana University survey was done to analyze the potential market that students could create. That is why all the information available in their publication was not relevant to my research paper. Due to time constrains my research was a lot more limited.


For my primary sources I took a survey of 60 students from North South University and I also took an interview of a lecturer on consumer behavior from the same university. For my survey I distributed questionnaires. There were 12 questions in my questionnaire (samples are given at the back). Through my questions I gathered the following information:
❑ What are students sources of money
❑ How much money do they get a month
❑ If they work, what is the nature of their jobs
❑ How much they spend on day to day items

My sample size was 60 students. Initially I intended to take a survey of students from different...

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