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Dissolution Of Relationships Essay

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Outline one model of relationship breakdown. Evaluate this and one other approach/theory

Stephanie Rollie and Steve Duck developed a model of the breakdown of relationships. Unlike the previous four phase model by Duck, this model focuses on the processes of relationship breakdown rather than the phases people pass through. The six processes of this model are, breakdown, intra-psychic, dyadic, social, grave dressing and resurrection. The breakdown is when one partner becomes increasingly dissatisfied. The intra-psychic processes involve social withdrawal and a focus on a partner’s faults and a sense of being under benefitted. It is suggested by research that when people are depressed ...view middle of the document...

g. parents, friends) rather than one version for all. Resurrection, the final process addresses how each partner prepares themselves for relationships later on.

Evaluation points of this model include research support (?! – what about it??) and the impact of relationship dissolution (explain) (Akert). Traditional models of relationship breakdown focused primarily on the distress caused by break-ups, rather than on the potential for growth (indicated by Rollie and Duck). This type of growth (resurrection) allows people to grow beyond their previous level of psychological functioning as a direct result of a highly stressful life event (i.e. relationship breakdown). However, there are gender differences in the degree to which people report personal growth as a result of break-up, women report personal growth as a post-relationship growth than men. The reason is not yet clear. It is possible that the reason is due to greater social support available to women, although research shows that increased social support is not associated with growth, nor do women report more social support than men. good

Akert found that the role played in deciding to end a relationship was the single most powerful predictor of the impact the dissolution experience. He discovered that partners who didn’t initiate the break-up tended to be the most miserable. They reported high levels of loneliness, depression, unhappiness and anger in the weeks after the end of the relationship. Those who did initiate the break-up found the end the least upsetting, painful and stressful. Although they reported feelings of guilt and unhappiness, they had fewer negating symptoms compared to those who were less responsible for the break-up of the relationship. Individual Difference. Good.

A limitation of most of the models of relationship breakdown is that they have been developed from the experiences of white, middle-class, heterosexual participants. They may not, therefore, represent the experiences of other groups such as homosexual relationships. [good] Similarly, even within heterosexual relationships, there are many different types of relationship, including married, cohabiting and dating couples. Given the differences between these types of relationship, it is doubtful that the process experienced within these relationships will be exactly the same. ID - good

The evolutionary...

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