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Disruptive Clinician Behavior And The Effect On Patient Outcomes

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Disruptive Clinician Behavior and the Effect on Patient Outcomes

Hostility and disruptive behavior within healthcare facilities have been identified as factors that may contribute to poor patient outcomes. Studies have been conducted that have assessed bad behavior on the part of patients and patients’ families, but of more recent concern are disruptive behaviors by physicians and other healthcare workers. In an effort to reduce the frequency of these incidents of disruptive behavior mandates have been issued regarding the implementation of policies and procedures which specifically address disruptive behavior among healthcare workers. The aim of this paper is to review ...view middle of the document...

Miscommunication can lead to events such as medication errors. In an effort to reduce the incidence of unacceptable behavior, organizations are developing policies, focusing on effective communication, and mandating zero tolerance policies (Longo, 2010)
Teamwork, effective communication, and a positive work environment are needed to provide quality patient care. Studies have shown that the occurrence of disruptive behavior within healthcare settings occur frequently, and are often overlooked. A 2004 survey of 1600 physicians conducted by The American College of Physician Executive (APCE) revealed that 95% of the respondents stated that disruptive behaviors in the workplace are encountered on a regular basis (Jericho, Mayer, & McDonald, 2010). Healthcare organizations are making efforts, some due to mandates by The Joint Commission, to promote a culture of safety by reducing the occurrence of poor behavior in the workplace.
Disruptive Behavior is a Frequent and Ongoing Occurrence
A survey of more than 1,500 healthcare workers, including nurses, physicians, and administrators was conducted by VHA, Inc. Participants that work in VHA hospitals throughout the country that vary in size. Nurses made up a little less than two thirds of the responses, physicians made up 27%, and hospital administrators made up less than 1%. Many answered “yes” when asked if they had witnessed disruptive behavior by a physician or a nurse (Rosenstein, & O’Daniel 2005).
A Provider Conflict Questionnaire developed by Stecker, Stecker, and Epstein was distributed in 2009 to nurses and physicians across the U.S. There were 617 respondents to the questionnaire and it was reported that disruptive behavior occurred in 82% of the organizations, with 74% being observed by respondents and 5% of survey reported personal involvement. Based on these results, it was determined that more focus should be placed on the behavior of clinical staff (Stecker, Epstein, & Stecker, 2013).
Disruptive behavior has been shown to be a persistent problem and may even be becoming more frequent despite efforts to curtail it. In the study conducted by The American College of Physician Executive (APCE) in 2004, more than 95% of the healthcare workers surveyed stated that they encountered disruptive behaviors on a regular basis. A follow up APCE survey was completed 5 years later in 2009, that same statistic had risen to 98% despite policies being put in place in an attempt to discourage such behavior (Jericho, Mayer, & McDonald, 2010).

Poor Patient Outcomes, Hostile Work Environment, and Sub-optimal Training
Poor behavior by healthcare workers can impact a facility in many negative ways. As mentioned before it can lead to poor patient outcomes. It often creates a hostile work environment for all involved, the perpetrator and the victim, and often results in poor clinical training of new nurses and physicians.
Poor Patient Outcomes
The survey conducted...

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