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Dispute System Design Essay

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The grievance procedure for current employees at Indiana State University applies to full-time with benefits (37.5/40 hours per week) or regular part-time with benefits (20 or more hours per week). The policy doesn’t apply to staff members that are in the introductory period of there employment and any sexual harassment and other discriminations such as race, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or veteran status. The first step is mediation and it is the employee’s obligation to make an appointment to talk to the employee’s immediate supervisor within two weeks of the confrontation. The steps taken when meeting with the supervisor is: 1. State the ...view middle of the document...

If the problem is still not resolved from the supervisors’ response then the grievant will have the grievance handed to the appropriate Vice President within five days of the response. Then Vice President will review the issue with supervisory levels. The Vice President will have a response within ten working days. The Human Resources will then hand deliver copies of the response to the grievant and the supervisor by 4:30 p.m. of the next business day. Extended time limits can be granted at any of these steps if both parties mutually agree in writing.

Flow chart- Will be handed in with the hard copy.

2. Strengths
Indiana State’s process of policy grievance is a three-step system in which the employee has to take action and file a form to the supervisor for an appointment. The supervisor then looks over the file and then meets with the employee and witnesses. Then the supervisor has five days to go over the facts presented to him and returns a response to the employee and the human resources department. This is an example of building a consultation before, then giving the feedback after reviewed.
The process of the second step if the grievance is not resolved the employee has to contact the human resources employee relations representative. The form given to the employee is marked with questions such as: where did the incident occur, facts and exact information, and a suggested resolution. This step goes with putting the focus on interests and keeping it professional. This form provides a way for the human resources to evaluate the issue and keeping the focus on the main ideas instead of a broad overview of many opinionative statements.
When the issue is not resolved it leads to the grievance appeals hearing, which the grievant has to have a hand written statement about where, when, witnesses contact information, and facts. Once they go through the hearing and the president makes his decision the grievance procedure is complete. This is a loop-back process in which the mini-trial took place. This step is positive and allows both parties to speak and is made a decision for its final time and is a win/lose scenario.

Weaknesses of this process come from all three steps. It seems that the employee has to fill out many forms and really only gets to sit down for a meeting with the supervisor. The flaw in this is that it should be more knowledgeable, not looked as them pushing it away and consulting behind closed doors with no verbal response from the grievant other than the first meeting.
Another issue with the steps is the third step where if the grievance is not resolved then the grievant must submit its complaint to the appropriate Vice President. The president then gets the complaint and consults with appropriate supervisory levels. The Vice President never sits down or even meets with the grievant yet makes a hand written response in ten workdays. This process seems like it has a gap between the grievant that isn’t...

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