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Disparities In Educational Attainment Essay

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Disparities in Educational Attainment

History is inherently dominated by men. Women, however, have played major roles in the world as well. Society had always accepted a lifestyle of the man bringing home the money and the woman cooking, cleaning and raising the children. This is not entirely true because women started their movement for equality when Africa was colonized by Europe. Women were more negatively affected than positively influenced during colonialism in Africa.

Women's status and power receded mainly due to the fact colonialism affected each part of their lives, consisting of, but not limited to, education, economic status and ancestry. Colonial ...view middle of the document... ).
Power relations and gender roles have been significantly changed in Africa since the end of colonial rule. Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana have given three important positions and areas of past experience for gender history of West Africa. Books such as Women and Land in Africa and So Long a Letter, which is written by, (Schumaker, et. al. 2001), are historically significant to Africa for the reason that there is not a key unique sequence of actions that we can look at in order to understand the history of this continent. Many portrayals of African history are from the point of view of the colonial leaders (Levin, et. al. 2001), and are consequently extremely prejudiced and erroneous in the African facet of the continent's record.
A rising number of country farmers are now farming cash crops so better educations can be afforded to children and to buy man-made goods as opposed to paying taxes colonial overseers once forced on them (Sayman 2007). Women of western Africa were at one time exploited by colonial rule. Their stories are usually removed from books that speak of colonialism since colonial administrators viewed these women as second-rate to their male counterparts. The administrators also viewed them as less sophisticated than even the native African men that were also oppressed (Miller & Chamberlin 2000).

Even though some may not agree with how issues get raised, how the issues are handled by government, or what actions are taken by the groups who are in support or opposed to the issue, these issues needed to be heard and fixed and were.

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