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Disney Paper Communication

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Organizational Commitment and Communication
Inside an organization many influences exist that affect the group communication. Leadership styles, sources of power, types of motivation, and workforce commitment each play a role in the organization’s communication. The Walt Disney Company founded by Walt Disney in 1923 has seen the effects of each aspect on communication and has made each part an ingredient to their success. The Walt Disney Company’s mission “To make people happy” and their six values; innovation, quality, community, storytelling, optimism, and decency is what guides the employees within the organization (Disney Careers, n.d.). In this paper, the effects leadership, power, ...view middle of the document...

This leadership style was not what Walt Disney had built and led to the resignation of key players Stanley Gold and Roy Disney. In March 2005, Eisner stepped down as CEO and Robert Iger replaced him. Robert Iger is currently the CEO of Walt Disney company and his contract was recently extended to 2016. Iger has transformational leadership qualities whose leadership style is similar to Walt Disney. Iger’s leadership encourages open communication, creativity, and risk-taking from employees. This brings back the culture of innovation and collaboration that was missing with Eisner. Iger has proven that his leadership style drives creativity and financial success in a dynamic world (The Walt Disney Company, 2011) . The difference in leadership style from Eisner to Iger has changed the culture and communication in the company from afraid and passive to open and creative. Thankfully Walt Disney Company is back under leadership that aligns with their values and will continue to be the benchmark other companies strive to become.
Sources of Power
As the leadership for Walt Disney changes the power transforms with it because the two are intertwined. Leadership uses power to attain goals and power is the tactics used to gain compliance (Robbins & Judge, 2011). In organizations, the CEOs use a formal source of power to lead a company, but the type exercised has a large impact on the organizations communication. Walt Disney and Robert Iger used reward and legitimate power whereas Michael Eisner used coercive. Coercive power caused the culture to change while Eisner was CEO. The employees became fearful and communication was limited causing the values in Walt Disney’s vision to fade. Once Eisner stepped down and Iger became the CEO the company started changing back to a learning organization where innovation is expected and wanted. Iger gave employees freedom with greater decision-making power and only intervene when necessary ("From beast to beauty: the culture makeover at Walt Disney," 2007). His combination of leadership style and source of power gives trust to the employee which encourages positive organizational communication at Disney.
Motivational Theories
The most frequently researched area of organizational behavior is motivation. Motivation is why an individual reaches goals in their personal life and professional career. At Walt Disney Company several motivational theories are used to optimize the performance of the employees. Goal-setting and self-efficacy theory are used hand-and-hand at Walt Disney. A new employee participates in multiple days of training to instill the values, heritage, and traditions along with his or her daily job routine when hired (Anderson, 2000). The self-efficacy theory states a person will be more successful at a task he or she knows they are capable of performing. The money spent by the company for orientation gives each employee the understanding of the job and what is expected while...

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