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Disguised Surprise Essay

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Disguised surprise

It was a gloomy and mysterious day, as if something was waiting to go wrong like a fox creeping towards a poultry farm. The mourning was young as I woke up, tired, with my body aching from basketball training the day before. “Lawrence!” shouted my mother. I didn’t move an inch; just tried my hardest to fall back to sleep. “Lawrence don’t make me come up there!” said my mother for the second time. I leaped out of bed as if the mattress had pushed me up and out through the door, running and hoping my mother hasn’t got the belt out again. My mother was in the kitchen getting her purse ready to march her eager self over to Splott market. “Lawrence do you want anything from Splott market?” My face lit up and I had only one thing running through my brain. “Sweets!” I said. My eyes were excited and drool poured from my mouth like water off Niagra falls.

My mothers expression didn’t change, she knew it was coming. “Oh why did I ask, all you ...view middle of the document...

Bargain hunters were ravaging through crowds, they were cavemen rushing for their next feast. The smell of hot doughnuts was smoothly spreading throughout the market like Chinese whispers. If I were there the smell would have taken me away like an angel rising to heaven. My mother left the market with a smile as big as a skyscraper. Impatiently hurrying to get home and put her new pictures up on the walls. My mother parked the car, came around the corner. My mother gave the most devastating look as her face froze and her bags dropped quickly from her hands.

There were people gathered around the streets and kids swarming to see what was going on. Policemen were lined up across the roof of the Salvation Army, locked onto the house one door away from my home, like dogs that had just spotted a shifty cat. Gossip was running through the neighbors mouths, my mother was storming through the people trying to get to a policeman, it was a concrete jungle. My mother finally caught the policeman to let him know she lives two doors away, the policeman informed her what was going on. The policeman said “there is a man and his girlfriend in his house and the man has a gun, holding his girlfriend hostage”. As the policeman said there are rumors of a boy being held hostage too, and we just rang your house, knocked the door but there was no answer from both”. Tears swiftly shot out of my mothers eyes, it was like the policeman’s words were grabbing and squeezing the life out of her.

The policeman escorted my mother into my house with shields as my she continued to cry and the whole of Splott watched. As my mother got into the house she heard the sound of buttons being pushed. she paused with a skeptical look on her face and as she made her way towards my room. “Mum did you get my sweets!!” I said obliviously, as my mother ran into my room relieved like a heavy weight got lifted of her shoulders, and hugged me like she never hugged me before. My mother explained what happened and I went down stairs to check it out, I looked through the blinds and saw all the people gathered around my area. I was kind of shocked, but in the end all I wanted to do was get back to my video game.

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