Disease Trends And The Delivery Of Health Care Services

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Disease trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services
Dana Riddle
April 20, 2013
Brian Eigelbach
University of Phoenix

Disease trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services
The current age composition of the United States population according to the 2010 Census was 308.7 million people on April 1, 2010. There is an increase of 9.7 % since 2000. The data shows that the male population grew 9.9%, which is more rapidly than the female population, which was 9.5%. Out of 308.7 million people, 151.8 were male and 157 million were female. People under the age of 18 were 112.8; people of age 45-64 were 81.5 million. The 40.3 million people of the 308.7 were age 65 and over (Howden, ...view middle of the document...

Chemicals in cigarettes harm your blood cells, and damage the function your heart and blood vessels. High cholesterol causes build up called atherosclerosis and this narrows ones heart arteries which causes heart attack, angina, or even sudden death. Hypertension can harden and thicken ones' arteries. This makes the vessels that blood travels through narrow, therefore not enough blood flows through the heart to the rest of the organs in the body. Diabetes and obesity can also contribute to heart disease and you must learn how to control your weight and blood glucose (Heart Disease, 2011).
When the blood supply to you brain decreases and oxygen is not delivered it could cause a Stroke. The brain cells die within minutes if oxygen is not delivered to the brain tissue. If you a suffering a stroke you should seek immediate medical attention. Immediate treatment is critical because it can lessen brain damage and possible problems. In order to avoid having stroke you have to control your cholesterol, blood pressure, and smoking. Strokes can be prevented and treated. (Stroke, 2011).
If you start taking care of yourself early in life health complications related to aging can be reduced. Two examples for reducing health complications related to aging are, stop smoking and lose excess weight. You can prevent heart disease, depression, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes, other kinds of cancer and osteoarthritis by losing excess weight (Obesity, 2011).
When you stop smoking you can reduce complications that are related to aging, because smoking destroys the cells inside your body witch speeds up the aging process. Smoking slows down digestion, raises blood pressure and decreases blood flow to the body. Smoking causes wrinkles and gives it a gray pale look because it damages the skin. Smoking not only speed up your aging process, but it can also shorten your life span by 10 years (Cashin, 2010).
According to "Overweight and Obesity" (2011), "The current rate of obesity in the United States is 33.8% which equals to about one out of three Americans. Some groups like non- Hispanic blacks have 44.1% obesity. Mexican Americans have a 39.3% obesity. All Hispanics have 37.9% obesity. Non-Hispanic white has 32.6% and is the lowest of the groups."
Environmental factors that can change the obesity rate over the next 10 to 20 years are, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and more consumption of excess caloric intake from sugars. Steps that can be taken to reduce obesity are, spend less time on the couch watching TV, eating less fatty snacks, and increase physical activity. We can ask the food industry to serve more fruits and vegetables and smaller food or beverage portions in their menus. As parents, we can limit our children to sweets, introduce them to vegetables and spend more time with them on outdoor activities, set limits on how much time they watch TV, play on computers, or play with toys. (Overweight & Obesity, 2011).
Obesity is...

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