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1. What does it mean to take a systems view of a project? How does taking this view apply to
project management? Taking a systems view means viewing the project as a collection of interworking components which together, support and yield a common objective or product. In project management, this allows managers and leaders to understand how multiple projects impact the whole organization. It is also key in helping identify stakeholders.
2. Explain the four frames of organizations. How can they help project managers understand
the organizational context for their projects? The structural frame describes the logical makeup such as departments, sections, units, assigned personnel. The human ...view middle of the document...

Matrix structure represents the middle ground between the two. Personnel are assigned under both project and functional managers. The functional structure lends the least amount of power to a project manager. The functional managers have more of the control. A project structure is an ideal setting for the PM. The hold a high position beneath the CEO and hold all of the power in managing the project. The matrix structure can go either way, depending on the dynamics of the organization and the nature of the project. A matrix can be weak, balanced, or strong. A strong matrix is more like a project structure, while the weak matrix resembles a functional structure.
4. Describe how organizational culture is related to project management. What type of culture
promotes a strong project environment? Organizational culture can have huge impacts on Project Management. Cultures such as group emphasis, unit integration, control levels, and risk-taking (to name a few) directly influence the success of a project. A culture with high group emphasis promotes a very strong project environment. Unit integration and risk takers are also big positives.
5. Discuss the importance of top management commitment and the development of standards
for successful project management. Provide examples to illustrate the importance of these
items based on your experience on any type of project.
6. What are the phases in a traditional project life cycle? How does a project life cycle differ
from a product life cycle? Why does a project manager need to understand both?
7. What...

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