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Discussion of Results:

The seven year old I was doing the experiment with was not familiar with me, in fact I rarely saw her. I chose her with a purpose so that I can see things objectively. Of course, by doing this also meant that I needed an ice breaker and that's why I showed her a funny clip.

Before I started the experiments with the boy, I showed him a short funny clip and then proceeded with the below experiment. When I finished, before he left, I asked him what does he remember about what we did today and he replied that he enjoyed the video clip we saw at the beginning and seemed to forget the rest. This proved Piaget's theory that children in the pre operational ...view middle of the document...

However he got very confused and told me there is a mistake in the picture. This proved Piaget's theory as he admitted that he couldn't do it after a couple of minutes.

At first the boy seemed happy that I had given a paper with what seemed to him a very easy game. But after a while he seemed to get frustrated and wanted to give up because he told it wasn't possible to complete the task.

Owen: I gave the child a spiral looking picture and told him to try and follow the lines. In fact this is not a spiral but whole circles that their positioning makes them look as spiral. The child tried to do it for several times but always ended up having to restart from the beginning and also tried starting from different points of the picture but had the same results. The child still couldn't conclude that this was not a spiral and continued on trying until he gave up because he found it boring as he could not finish the exercise.

Irreversibility (a)
In the second exercise I told her to keep 3 in her mind, and 5 in her hands, and add them together. At this stage, she replied quickly: 8. and that's a good answer, but she was confused when I told her to calculate how much I have to subtract from 5 if I add 1 to 3, and still have the same answer. In fact her answer was 3. This is obviously a wrong answer.

I just told him the arithmetic operation verbally and he guessed the answer of the first part. However when I asked him how much do I have to subtract to get the same answer he seemed lost and did not give me any answer. This shows that he was not able to reverse his thinking to the starting point.
The boy gave me the right answer nearly immediately after counting on his fingers even when I told him to subtract from the answer although a t first he told me that he couldn't do it mentally and wanted somebody to write down for him.

Owen: In this exercise, I gave the child a simple sum (2+3) and he agreed that the ans for this sum is 5. Then I asked the child if we subtracted 1 from the number 3, how should we alter the number 2 as to give us the same final ans i.e. 5. At first the child was quite confused but then after explaining it again and using crayons to help me in this equation, the child came up with the conclusion that we should add 1 to the number 2 as to give us the same ans.

Irreversibility (b)
When it came to the exercises of the water in the glasses, she told me that the water just stayed the same even though the water was transferred twice. So here she proved Piaget wrong.

After thinking for a few seconds he told me that that is the same amount of water so Piaget's theory does not apply.

He told me that he thought that...

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