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Discussion Board 1

Chapter 1: Why is shared information so important in a learning organization in comparison to an efficient performance organization? Discuss how an organization’s approach to sharing information may be related to other elements of organization design such as: structure, tasks, strategy, and culture.

      “Learning Organization” is a name used for the process of using a strategy in a company to build training to improve and create a more effective company. Using this approach will require the company’s commitment and use of the Total Strategic Approach. Using the Total Strategic Approach, the following areas will be covered: performance ...view middle of the document...

Chapter 1: What are some differences that one might anticipate among the expectations of stakeholder for a nonprofit organization versus a for-profit business? Do you believe nonprofit managers have to pay more attention to stakeholders than business managers?

      There are various differences on how nonprofit organizations conduct their business compared to profit businesses. One of the differences is how they use the website base. A large amount of business’s use applications such as Facebook, You tube, Twitter and blogs. Since 2009 more organizations use website capabilities to reach their audience instead of mailing surveys, letters and communications. Companies are saving mailing cost by sending out e-surveys, e-poll and other ways to reach their stakeholders through the Internet (Daft, 2010).

      Stakeholders need to see efficient performance strategies by top managers. An investor wants to know what they are investing in and decide if its worth the investment. Whether the investment is to help an organization with needs or to invest in a substantial returned on the money. Give the fact that nonprofit organizations need to convince the investors that they are investing in a good cause, they need to be more attentive to their stakeholders.

Chapter 2: How might a company’s goals for employee development be related to its goals for innovation and change? How might a company's goals for employee development be related to its goals for productivity? Explain the ways that these types of goals may conflict in an organization?

      The company should first look at the innovation and the management framework. First they must understand the concepts of the framework, so there is an understanding of how to implement the changes needed. Second, examine the company’s relationship with their employees and the working environment. Third, identify the change and create a plan to effectively implement the change. Fourth, apply the change that needs to be made. Fifth, is to measure the change and reevaluated. (Susman, 2006)

      The goals are to build and develop a relationship between the management team and employees. Through the change the company should see employees being empower and becoming more innovative, which gives employees the ability to add their ideas and implement them giving them a since of accomplishment, creating a motivated, creative committed workforce.

      Chapter 2: Suppose you have been asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the police department in a medium-sized community. Where would you begin? How would you proceed? What effectiveness approach would you prefer?

      The resource-based approach would be recommended. Start by collecting data of how the department is presently being operated. One factor that needs to be considered when collected the data is that typically the information provided is incomplete and fragmented. A great place to start with would be with classification,...

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