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Discuss Your Personal And Professional Development Over The Past Five Years And Describe How These Changes Have Led You To Choose To Do Your Mba At This Time. What Are Your Career Goals And How Will A Rotman Mba Help You To Achieve Them?

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Question: Discuss your personal and professional development over the past five years and describe how these changes have led you to choose to do your MBA at this time. What are your career goals and how will a Rotman MBA help you to achieve them?

As we journey through life and continue to move forward we walk a path consisting of a series of stepping stones. These stones represent events and milestones in our lives, some of them have hindered us, while others have helped move us forward. Good or bad all these stepping stones have profoundly affected our journey. Earning an MBA is a necessary stepping stone to where I am heading in my life.
Creating software has been my passion ever since I created a small program in high school. My working experiences as a software developer at T-Micro, Maltman Group ...view middle of the document...

After two years of operation, I was forced to cease operations due to lack of funds. Although I still maintain some of my clients’ software, I now work as an employee. This experience taught me that I have to combine business skills with technical knowledge to succeed in this competitive market. Thus, I realize that I need to pursue a MBA to acquire core business skills in areas, such as finance, operations, and business strategy, to be well rounded in my career and to have the necessary tools to run a successful business.
My long-term career goal is to own a software development company that would provide cutting edge software and services and to become a strong competitor in the Information Technology Industry. One of my life long dreams is to travel most of the world. I enjoy learning and experiencing different cultures and I believe that owning my own business will afford me the opportunity, flexibility and finances needed to fulfill this dream.
At Rotman, the integrative thinking approach will transform my way of thinking and give me confidence in handling the complexities of technology and business management. In addition, Information Technology Management provides courses such as “Marketing Using Information Technology”, ”Technology Strategy” and “Corporate e-Business Strategies that will help me develop a working knowledge of the Technology Industry and allow me to achieve mastery in the tools needed to create a niche in this industry. The fact that case studies are used to complement lectures appealed to me greatly as it illustrates that at Rotman, courses are developed to offer a more balance academic approach.
I am ready to take this next step in my life and achieve this milestone in my career. With hard work, dedication, focus and the knowledge gained from dedicated and inspiring lecturers at Rotman, I am confident I will be successful in achieving this milestone.

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