Discuss The View That Religious Experiences Must Be True Because There Is A Common Core To All Of Them

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Religious experience can conjure up a wide variety of images. Many claim having had experienced god in ways that ranges from saying a prayer, to attending a service in a place of worship, to hearing the voice of God. Through one perspective, religious experience is plausibly real and true especially for those who have experienced its reality. Through another view, validating any concept such as religious experience is an oxymoron of many possibilities that are subject to individual definitions of religious experience, their respective beliefs and many more.
William James in his book “Varieties of Religious Experiences” recognizes that religious or “mystical” experiences can be ...view middle of the document...

However, the acceptance for these experiences to be of a religious standing and one that involves the divine depends on one’s acceptance of many underlying implications such as one’s views on the existence of God, one’s acceptance of other’s account’s of religious experiences and one’s personal criteria for an experience to be termed as a religious occurrence. All these play a major role in determining whether one accepts that religious experiences are true because of the common core that distinguishes their existence.
Richard Swinburne in his cumulative argument suggests that after considering the external factors that may lead one to have similar experiences which may not link one to the divine such as drug abuse, the principle of credibility states that the religious experience must be true as there could be no other reason for it to happen aside from it being the act of God. Also, when a person who is not normally known to give false accounts testifies that he or she has had an experience, the principle of testimony accepts that it is only logical to accept the claim as the truth. In Swinburne’s case, the validity of religious experience relies on these two principles.
William James however, is more concerned with the effects of the experiences in...

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