Discuss The Uses And Abuses Of Strategic Planning And Suggest, With The Aid Of Examples, Other Ways To Strategise

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This assignment will begin by looking at some academic definitions of strategy. With an emphasis on strategic planning, it will examine the concept of pure deliberate and pure emergent strategy. The author will introduce Mintzbergs and Walters's strategic continuum and the assignment will explore some of the types of strategy that fall along this continuum with a view to ascertaining possible uses and abuses of each type. Having examined strategic planning, the author will discuss Mintzbergs other definitions of strategy and will show with the aid of examples other methods of strategizing.In his book, Strategic Planning (1979), George Steiner, considered a key figure in the origins and ...view middle of the document...

It is realized in spite of having no prior intention.In their 1985 article 'Of Strategies, Deliberate and Emergent', Mintzberg and Walters distinguish between deliberate and emergent strategies. They define the former as 'realised as intended' and the latter as 'patterns realised in the absence of intentions' (Mintzberg and Walters, 1985, p.257). These key concepts of deliberate, intended strategy and emergent, unplanned strategy lie at each end of the continuum of strategy formation. The more rational planning approach views strategic decision making as a step by step process. It implies that the strategic management process is always deliberate and realized as intended. The reality however, is that while an organisation may begin with a rational plan, the plan that evolves may end up to be quite different. The realized strategy often becomes an emergent strategy that has evolved as part of a 'pattern in a stream of actions' as opposed to a preconceived plan.With this notion of a continuum, which begins with strategies closest to the deliberate pole and ending with those most in line with emergent strategies, we will examine some different types of strategy.In the planned strategy approach a mission or objective will describe the company's business vision that will guide the company in its search for future opportunities. Guided by this, the leadership team can define measurable objectives that may include targets such as sales and market share. This plan however is of no use unless it can be applied to the environment surrounding it. The planned strategy needs to be applied to an environment that has some measure of control. This environmental scan should include an internal analysis of the company, the industry the company operates in and an external macro environment scan or a PEST analysis. Techniques such as a SWOT analysis or Porters Five Forces can provide the internal analysis and the industry analysis respectively.Armed with this information a company should match its strengths to the opportunities it has identified and address its weaknesses and threats. Profitability is often gained by developing a competitive advantage over rivals within the industry. According to Porter, competitive advantage can be based on cost or differentiation. Porter has identified three industry generic strategies from which to choose.Implementation of the strategy is key. Line managers must take full and effective charge of the strategy implementation process if it is to be successful (Mintzberg, 1994, pg 22) Implementation involves the motivation of staff to achieve objectives. The communication of the strategic plan is critical as often the people implementing the plan are not the same people who formulated. The final phase of the plan is evaluation and control. Strategic planning is different from the day to day decisions that management make. The best business strategy cannot proceed without effective management and implementation. The abuse of any of...

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