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Discuss The Relationship Between Gospel And Culture In The Mission Of The Church. To What Extent Is All Mission Cross Cultural?

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Gospel meets culture and suddenly a plethora of issues are ejaculated into the stream of debate and conflict, in the excitement of the on-going mission of God and the perpetuation of his Kingdom. What arouses such fervour? God's mission is the ultimate transmitter of love but what are the implications of Gospel and Culture, which lie within? This essay will closely examine and evaluate issues risen as a result of the confrontation of Gospel and culture. The relationship between Gospel and culture is an on-going challenge facing the church today, which with urgency and perseverance needs to be intensely addressed. The message of the Gospel is central to the practices and norms of Christianity ...view middle of the document...

' Roles and statuses subtly command the way a community functions and perpetuates. It is necessary for every individual in a society to carry out roles according to their own status in society. These roles are played out in relation to other roles. For example, if mother and son play their roles properly they know "˜what to do and how to do it. Knowing each other's roles they are able to predict and understand what the other is doing.' Through this the act of parenting and teaching may be accomplished. All of these aspects of culture come together to produce order in society because they establish and maintain links between individuals and groups through the things seen as normal, acceptable and understandable behaviour in that particular context, therefore enabling things to be accomplished.Aspects of culture vary. In the western world an individual's position in society may be governed by the wealth which he/she has and huge distinction is made between different classes of people. Society is classed according to wealth. However, in the Muslim culture a person is well reputed because of his generosity. This "˜ensures that wealth is shared within the Muslim community.' In one culture it may be acceptable to speak in a certain manner which may be to other cultures offensive or "˜abnormal,' even if they may speak the same language. Language is cultural. All of these elements come together significantly to form the essence of culture.Socialisation is significant in the development and perpetuation of culture because it is the process through which an individual learns the values and norms of the society he/she is living in.As mentioned above, what Christians call "˜The Gospel' is at the core of what they believe. The gospel is what is referred to as "˜the good news,' (from the Greek "˜euangelion') the message of God to his people. "˜In the NT it refers to the good news preached by Jesus that the kingdom of God is at hand (Mark 1: 15) and of "¦what god has done on behalf of humanity in Jesus (Romans 1:3- 5).' Its concept governs the beliefs and practices of the Christian body. God's message to the world is articulately summed up at the beginning of John's gospel and Luke 4: 18. That is that the God who was there from the beginning, who created all things, becomes fully man to bear the burden of the sins of humankind, to be a light to the darkness of the world. He becomes fully man assuming the situation of humankind, and being with them, enduring as they endured. However he remained fully God, demonstrating his divine nature in healing and wisdom (i.e. this is termed the "˜Incarnation'). All of this transpires because of God's love for mankind and his longing for mankind to be reconciled to him. The Christian message declares that Jesus is the only way of returning to the father (John 14: 6) from the sinful realm to which Adam and Eve opened mankind in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). Jesus came to die...

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