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Discuss The Need For World Order And Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Responses In The Maintenance Of World Order

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World order is a term used to describe the balance of power among the nations of the world.
It is linked with the political, economic and social framework in the world at a particular time
and the effect that this situation has on the relationship between countries. There is an
increasing need for world order in the global community due to growing conflict both within
and between nations and regions. The increased trade between countries has stimulated the
growth of many world order issues such as the access to resources, the inequality in a
nation’s distribution of income, crimes against humanity and the growing awareness of
human rights globally have also led to an increased need ...view middle of the document...

Here access to oil, was not only used to harm Kuwait’s economy but also to disrupt
world order. A similar disruption in world peace occurred in 2003 when America invaded Iraq
in accordance of the ‘Bush Doctrine’. Nelson Mandela claimed that George Bush’s order to
invade was aimed to ‘please (America’s) arms and oil industries’ reinforcing the importance
of access to resources in creating conflict. The UN Security Council was extremely ineffective
in stopping the American invasion mainly due to its lack of responsiveness and inability to
enforce international law effectively. Similarly, the International Criminal Court received 240
separate communications regarding the legality of America’s Iraq invasion, but despite this
the Court was unable to enforce decisions as no provision had yet been adopted which
defines the crime and sets out the condition under which the court may exercise jurisdiction
with respect to out. In other words, the court could not take any action until Iraq signs up
with the court to bring cases related to alleged war crimes. As a result of the ineffectiveness
of international responses up to August 2009 more than 4600 troops were killed.

Another significant world order issue was the “Conflict Diamonds” concern. Conflict
diamonds are diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces and are used to fund
military action in opposition to the governments. From 1989 to 2001 Sierra Leone has been
engaged in a civil war between the government and the Revolutionary United Front (RUF),
fuelled by the illicit diamond trade. For almost ten years the international community has
applied minimal interference in this rising issue which display’s their lack of responsiveness
in resolving major world order issues. Finally, in July 1999 the United Nations and the
Economic Community of West African states negotiated between the Government of Sierra
Leone and the RUF the signing of the Lone Peace agreement under which the parties agreed
to the disarmament of all combatants and the formation of national unity. In 1998, Global
Witness a non‐governmental organisation launched a campaign to expose the role of
diamonds in funding conflict, as part of a broader research into the link between natural
resources and conflict. In response to growing international pressure from NGOs like Global
Witness, the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council in
2003 launched the Kimberley Process Certification scheme. The Kimberley process was an
effective response to the conflict diamonds as it requires governments to ensure shipments
of rough diamonds are conflict free, discouraging the illegal trade of conflict diamonds. This
notion of certified diamonds has improved the enforceability of laws revolving around
conflict diamonds. However the lack of resources of Sierra Leone has limited the
effectiveness of the responses such as the lack of X‐ray machines and advanced technology
at the...

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