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Discuss The Causes Of The English Civil War

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The struggle for supremacy between king and Parliament lead to the Civil War. There are many major reasons for this; social reasons, such as the disorders and 'social protests'1 of the fifty years before the Civil War and the constant peasant rages, demands, petitioning and demonstrations. Economical reasons, such as financial problems which lead to force loans, commercial monopolies, ship money, and an unfair tax system. Political reasons, such as the inefficient monarchs and their determination to rule independently with out Parliament, which caused many disputes, and religious reasons such as the uncertainty of the king's belief (Protestant or Catholic).As said by John Morrill, History ...view middle of the document...

..and the like power have kings.'3 On another occasion James also stated 'Not only are kings God's lieutenants on earth, but by God himself are called Gods'4. Their beliefs may have made their actions answerable to God in heaven, but not for people in Parliament.Charles I and James I could be labelled as absolute monarchs, monarchs which believed that they had all the power to do as they wish, they also believed that they where Gods, and it was a great offence that parliament were questioning their authority. If it had not been for their belief in the Devine Right of kings, Parliament and royalty may have worked co-operatively together.The appointment of William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury in 1633 wasn't favoured by the Puritans. His role was popish and he was 'arrogant and destructive.'5. Charles I and Laud believed that the reformation had gone too far, and the Church of England was losing support as a result. They believed what was needed were more elaborate church services. They believed t hat the church buildings should also inspire worshipers. So in 1634, being the first year of Laud archbishop's rule, 'great offence was taken at his setting up pictures in the windows of his chapels at Lambeth and Croydon, his portraiture being made according to the Roman Missal.'6 on another occasion Laud also was sent by Charles I to force a prayer book on the Scots, which lead to a rebellion, thus ending Charles' eleven year personal rule.Laud Archbishop, Charles I and their supporters claimed that they were firm supporters of the Protestant Church of England. The Puritans, however, began to feel that they were attempting to reintroduce the Roman Catholic religion. Clashes between Puritans and the followers of Laud soon took place, which lead them one step closer to causing the Civil War.The English Civil War was caused because of Charles' inherited, incessant financial problems. Charles I quarrelled with Parliament shortly after becoming king. He called on them many times for money, but they refused to grant funds to a king that didn't respond to the grievances (complaints) of the nobility. Charles I was forced to finance his reign by force loans, selling commercial monopolies, extracting ship money, and raising taxes.The English Civil War was the result of an incompetent king. Charles I 'was incompetent, inaccessible, glacial, self-righteous and deceitful.'7. He had 'cut himself away from his people'8. John Morrill also stated that 'the Civil Wars grew from the policies and grew from a particular failing of a particular king, Charles I'9.The English Civil War was caused because of the media at the current time. The media being Parliament helped persuade the people of nation to their side. They painted the royalists as the 'Cavaliers', in indication to cold-blooded Spanish horsemen of the Spanish exposition of South America. They also made many more paintings against Charles I, for example, the also painted him as an anti-Christ. With these...

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