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Discuss Consequences Of And Solutions To Obesity (15)

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Discuss consequences of and solutions to obesity (15)

Obesity is the state of being overweight, where the accumulation of body fat has reached 20% of more over an individual’s ideal body weight, to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems.
One of the consequences of obesity is the reduced mobility. Larger size and body weight to carry around makes travel difficult and movement requires a lot more effort and energy than it would otherwise. The extra weight makes walking difficult, as when walking it is as if you are carrying your weight with you. This also happens because obesity can cause breathlessness ...view middle of the document...

This exercise can prevent obesity in the young, and encourage habits which will deter obesity for life.
Another consequence of obesity is the further toll it takes on a person’s health. 6/10 leading causes of death are associated with obesity. Obesity increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, due to a significant influx of body sugar due to diet choices. It can also lead to high blood pressure or high cholesterol, which in turn increases the likelihood of complications such as heart disease, strokes and atherosclerosis (where fatty deposits narrow your arteries). This is because of the increase in body fat, which often does not only manifest beneath the skin but also within organs, such as the heart or arteries, reducing their ability to do work. Furthermore, obesity can cause osteoarthritis, a condition involving pain and stiffness in joints, as a result of carrying the extra weight, or sleep apnoea, where laboured breathing interrupts sleep in encourages fatigue and daytime sleepiness. Additionally, several types of cancer, including bowel cancer, breast cancer and womb cancer are proven to be more likely within people who are obese. 400,000 deaths per year are due to weight-related illnesses. Many of the complications are a further result of the diet which causes obesity. Therefore, many suggest that the best solution is a change to the diet. Government programmes like the £1.4 million budgeted Change 4 Life offer free consultation on cheap and easy recipes to encourage healthy eating with the less wealthy, or those who are too busy for more labour-intensive healthy meals. Other programmes, such as Jamie Oliver’s projects, offer similar advice, but also more hands-on assistance and Jamie Oliver’s School Meals promote healthy eating at school, which can help encourage similar habits at home. In many places, there are bans on supersized food or vending machines in places, or more healthy foods have been the only ones offered in the machines, i.e. switching potato crisps for popcorn or vegetable crisps, and fizzy drinks for water. Government initiatives such as the required...

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