Discuss Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Motivational Strategies As Applied In Various Organizational Cultures With The Relevant Models

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There are many motivational strategies. Some of them are listed below
 Pay for Performance
This is a one system of remuneration program which popular at this moment, it’s depend upon the evaluation if the result is good you will receive more salary increase.

 Using Merit Pay
A merit raise is a salary increase, usually permanent, that is based on the employee’s individual performance. It is a continuing increment rather than a single payment like bonus. Relying heavily on merit rewards can be a problem because the reinforcement benefits of merit pay are usually only determined once per year.

 Using Spot Awards
A spot award is one given to an employee as ...view middle of the document...

 Using Positive Reinforcement
o Rely on Operant conditioning principles to study positive reinforcement and change behavior. They are variety of consequences including
o Social consequences (peer approval or praise from the boss)
o Intrinsic consequences (The enjoyment the person gets from accomplishing tasks)
o Tangible consequences (bonuses, merit raises.)
Maslow's hierarchy of needs:
Maslow classified the human needs , and when you are working in any position you feel and want to satisfied your needs may be you satisfied by money or by respect or by both.
so when the manager know this he can motivate his employees by satisfied their needs which is lead to increase productivity. so Maslow Theory show which way the manager should choose to motivate every employee to increase his productivity.

• Helps to understand people's needs.
• Helps to motivate employees
• Helps to decide rewards at each level.
• Helps in recognizing potential

• In reality, people don’t work necessarily one by one through these levels. They are much less structured in the way they satisfy their needs.
• Different people with different cultural backgrounds and in different situations may have different hierarchies of need.

Alderfer's ERG Theory:
Alderfer distinguishes three categories of human needs that influence worker’s behavior. These are existence, relatedness and growth.
• Existence Needs: physiological and safety needs such as hunger, thirst and sex.
• Relatedness Needs: social and external...

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