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Discrimination In Walt Disneys Aladdin Essay

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The Walt Disney movie, “Aladdin”, is about a poor “street rat”, Aladdin, loving the Princess Jasmine. They can’t marry each other because of the law. This movie, yet entertaining, portrays stereotypical and discriminative things against Middle Eastern culture and race.
The movie starts with a merchant in a vast, barren, desert riding a camel over sand dunes. The desert area includes an oasis also. Then it moves into the town of Agrabah, with other merchants selling goods and onion shaped domes on the Saltins palace.
In Agrabah, thievery is normal; also thieves appear unclean and very poor with rags as clothes. Also if they were caught stealing, store clerks would cut off their hand. ...view middle of the document...

Aladdin had two sides good and evil. Good being Jasmine and Aladdin. Bad being Jafar and the guards. These two groups have significant differences. Such as the good people looking nicer and having lighter clothing and skin tones. Also they use and carry straight swords. While the bad have darker skin tones and clothing. Jafar, as a magician is tall and very thin. The guards appear big and wide. They also carry curved scimitars. The Sultan is short and acts not how you portray a leader. Like him playing with his toys.
I think that Disney’s movie Aladdin is both stereotypical and discriminative to Middle Eastern people. I think this because of the way they put traditions from India as Middle Eastern culture and traditions. Disney movies are mainly towards the younger audience age, from 5 to 10. So what do you think this is teaching second graders about Middle Eastern people? I think it’s not teaching them the truth. Like would a person with and Arabic accent be a potential evil person? Or animals like tigers and monkeys are found there. Also the city folk appear...

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