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Discrimination Against Hazara People, What And Why It Is Happening

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"The Talibs said he was a liar and a thief like all Hazaras and ordered him to get his family out of the house by sundown. Hassan protested. But my neighbor said the Talibs were looking at the big house like - how did he say it? - yes, like 'wolves looking at a flock of sheep.' They told Hassan they would be moving in to protect the house ... Hassan protested again. So they took him to the street ... and shot him in the back of the head" (Hosseini 219).Within the Afghanistan culture this is an act that would not be punished, an act that will soon be forgotten by many. Why? Only because this unfortunate man is a Shi'a Hazara; a minority culture in Afghanistan. It is haunting to think that ...view middle of the document...

Since "Afghanistan is an Islamic country. An estimated 80% of the population is Sunni ... the remainder of the populations--and primarily the Hazara ethnic group--(are) predominantly Shi'a" (U.S.A.). Unfortunately this is the downfall of the Afghan brotherhood.The Afghan people are a generally united people only divided by "Tribal and other kinship-based groups, which follow traditional customs and religious practices" (U.S.A.). The main, and most disturbing divide comes between the Sunni and Shi'a religious groups. The Shi'a population consists of almost all Hazara people, while the rest of Afghanistan is Sunni. The divide between these two groups lies amid the original kinship of Afghanistan, "Afghanistan is the land of Pashtuns. It always has been, always will be. [Pashtuns] are the true Afghans, the pure Afghans, not this [Hazara] here. [Hazara] people pollute our homeland ... They dirty our blood" (Hosseini 40). The Hazaras maintain to be a rejected people because of their not only religious, but their heritage background. The Hazaras remain untied to any ethnic group within Afghanistan, a root for their discrimination "Hazaras are not ethnically linked with Iran, their Shiite brand of Islam gives them a common identity with the Islamic Republic distinct from their fellow Afghans" (Karon).Hazaras were targeted especially by the Taliban "Under the Taliban, the Hazaras were the most deprived, the most cursed of peoples. The Taliban wanted to send Uzbeks to Tajiks to Tajikistan , and Hazaras to the grave" (Neuffer). Discrimination against the Hazaras has left them a devastated group. They have been left poor, fearful, and weary from the many ruthless attacks "Dozens of Hazaras were massacred in the past two years by Taliban forces in well-documented killings" (Neuffer). The Pashtun / Sunni people's vengeance was taken out upon the Shiites by the Taliban "A Sunni Muslim fundamentalist militia" (Neuffer). Reports have been taken on larger scale mass killings of the Hazara people. According to Elina Fuhrman on the United Nations accused the "Taliban of killing an estimated 3,000 people, mostly Hazaras" the report also records "Surviving Hazaras were warned to practice the Sunni tradition of the Taliban if they wanted to survive".Long have the Hazara people been oppressed. Within their sense of community is a disturbance, and separation from the rest of Afghanistan. Their community is "weak because of the current leadership (Khalili)" (Canfield). As a child searching for acceptance, the Hazara people "are eager to have a place in the new country of Afghanistan" (Canfield).The result of such oppression has lead the Hazara people yearning a call to action; they are tired of oppression and need to be liberated. Mazari from the Hizb-I Wahdat website most accurately conveys the mindset...

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