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Discrimination Essay

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People who are racists in this world are just immature, naïve, and foolish. They fail to accept the fact that there are people in the world who don't comply with their so-called "supreme cultures." But those differences don't determine if anyone is more or less of a person and it certainly doesn't give anyone the right to declare they have the "supreme culture." The fact of the matter is: bigotry isn't a mature form of intoleration, it isn't even a belief or a point of view, it's just simply people who continue to practice the childish maneuver of singling out peers and taunting them. If you think about it, racists really don't have a motive except for the fact that ...view middle of the document...

VERY back in the days, a small percentage of Chinese farmers may have had the urge to kill their first born daughters because of the government's strict birth laws(every family could only have one child) but they don't do that anymore. I don't remember the exact sequence, but somehow the kid who first pointed at me led the whole class in chanting, "Kill her! Kill her!" The expression I had on my face was pure terror mixed with a huge element of surprise, I was baffled and you don't encounter something like that everyday. These people where my classmates who have been taught all their life to respect Chinese culture, I wasn't expecting this at all. Moreover, most of my so-called "friends" just sat there. I guess I don't blame them for not sticking up for me since I wasn't really doing a great job of that either, maybe they were horrified just like me. The worst shock came when the science teacher asked incredulously, "but don't they kill-I mean-don't they?" Now how was I supposed to respond to that? If she, the authority figure, didn't stop those kids then how could I possibly defend myself against the majority opinion? Afterwards, when I went home that day, the shock wore off and eventually I shed some tears of anger, resentment, and regret. But I didn't feel sorry for myself because even as young as I was, I understood that being Chinese wasn't my fault and that they were the ones who crossed the line.So the moral of my story is as much as the government and people like to pretend racial discrimination isn't happening, many students know that it's a highly inevitable and explosive subject. I am but one of many who have experienced discrimination, and I believe that if you can't genuinely and truthfully accept someone for their cultures and values, then hiding your true feelings and being politically correct is just as bad as being racist. In this day and age, people are so quick to use politically correct words such as "African American" instead of "black." Yet do we realize using politically correct expressions are basically another way of being over polite and racist? There are many forms of politeness; one is the form that you use to your elders and superiors, stating that you respect them while another is just using politeness because you are not well acquainted with a person yet. I think we express too much politeness towards different cultured people because we are so polite that sometimes we alienate...

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