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Discourse Is In The Stars Essay

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Brianna Hicks
Debbie Weaver
ENC 1102- Section BW64
Discourse is in the Stars
I am one of those people that looks to the stars for answers. I crave my daily horoscope and knowing where my moon and star align. I love knowing who or what I would be based on the characteristics of my zodiac sign. One of my favorite zodiac blogs is zodiac signs by Crystal Melbourne, a professional astrologer. I look at her Tumblr blog daily and sometimes multiple times during the day. It wasn’t until two weeks ago when I joined this class that I thought about how it can be categorized as a discourse community. A discourse community is a group of people that share a set of beliefs and ...view middle of the document...

For those experts in the subject you know exactly what these terms mean.
Those are all the terms and definitions needed to get through this essay without getting confused. It is now time to dive into the rhetorical situation of zodiac signs. As you know, one of these parts in rhetorical situation is exigence, which is the problem that the writer is trying to solve. The exigence for the blog zodiac signs is that people do not know that they have more than just one sign and that they do not know who/what their sign would be in relation to other aspects of life. The author solves this by creating a blog which includes a link to a site where you can find out what your other signs are and then furthers it by helping you understand in the case that you do not understand what it all means. She has multiple links on her site for novices and experts to learn from. This links can be found under the FAQ portion of the blog which is very helpful to the novices exploring the site. This blog is popular because there is so much helpful information on it and it is organized in a way that even dummies, no offense, could navigate it. There are links to each sign of the zodiac, each planet, each house, compatibility between the signs, a link to ask questions, request to post onto the blog, and then just plain old entertaining post that anyone can add to. All of these aspects help to solve the problem of teaching people about their different signs.
Moving on, you all know that the rhetor and the audience are another important factor in a discourse community. The rhetor of zodiac signs is Crystal Melbourne a professional astrologer. The statement that she is trying to make with her blog is that astrology is more than what meets the eye and she can help you with figuring out what else there is. The audience for zodiac signs is astrology lovers and people hoping to learn about astrology. There is no way to put an age or gender on this audience because astrology lovers range from age 5-105 and can be female, male, and transgender. She writes to this diverse audience using words that only people who are dedicated to astrology would know but also defines some of the words for those who are just beginning. She does this so that she can get more readers on her blog and also so that the aspiring astrology writers, secondary audience, can figure out how they want to structure their blogs. The knowledge that both her primary and secondary audience needs to know are all of the terms that I taught you before I started talking about the rhetorical situation of this blog. The readers will need to now all of those thing plus what their sign, or in expert terms sun sign, is. For example, my sun sign is Cancer so for me when I look at this blog on a daily basis, I look for anything and everything that involves the sign of zodiac Cancer. If your sun sign was Leo, you would look for things that involved the sign of zodiac Leo. In this blog, there are a few rules that must be...

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