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Discipline Plan Essay

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Discipline Plan
In the classroom I would have only a few, yet very important rules. However, I would not call each one a “rule.” Rather, I would call each one a “Secret to Success.” My first secret to success is to always be on time to class. Tardiness is unacceptable and is a non-verbal statement that the student is not ready to learn. Each student must be in their seat before the tardy bell rings. If they are not in their seat, they are not ready for success. Secondly, each student must bring their “keys to drive to success.” Their keys are the class supplies such as their book, writing utensil, paper, or anything else that we would need on a daily basis. Like a race car, if a student does bring their “keys” they can sit in the car of success, but they cannot go anywhere. Third, each student must listen. This may be the most important secret to success. If ...view middle of the document...

Often times throughout a semester, students will discuss a wide range of topics. Many of these topics can be controversial and touchy subjects. Students can successfully engage in learning if they open their minds and allow ne w ideas and thoughts. This set of five keys to success will be set in stone. However, I will always allow my students to add to our list of student’s success keys at any time.
The Teacher Stare
The polite tap on the desk to stop the behavior.
I will ask the student to stop the behavior quietly.
I will ask the student to step outside in the hall way and discuss the behavior.
I will ask the student to stay after class to discuss the behavior.
Call the parent of the student
Office referral.
Following these few steps should prohibit bad behavior but not interrupt the learning climate and educational atmosphere.
I will always have an open door policy when it comes to the parents of my students. Parents will always have the opportunity to come into my classroom and join class. They can become actively involved in class and take part in any way. I plan to be pro-active when it comes to dealing with parents. I will send home a weekly grade report to parents. I will keep a copy of each report for my records. Every three weeks I will call the parents of each student to maintain an open line of communication. I plan to keep a call log of each time we communicate. Parents of students that are having grade problems or behavior problems will have a meeting weekly or bi-weekly until the grades improve or the behavior changes.
My philosophy of education, plan for discipline, and my overall plan for classroom management all complement each other because they are all student centered. Everything I do in the classroom is geared to student success. I feel that I can be an effective teacher as long as I maintain my focus on the fact that all students learn, students must stay in class to be successful, keep in constant contact with parents, and concentrate on great classroom management.

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