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Discipline And Management: Different Yet Related

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EDU 450: Classroom Engagement and Management Grand Canyon University |
Discipline and Management
Different yet Related |

Keren E Shafer

Discipline and Management

Getting students of any age to behave the way you would like them to and or do, as you would like is not always the easiest task. Yet every day in classrooms across the world educator's are faced with these challenges because like it or not kids are going to act up in class. Knowing these daily challenges will cause almost every educator to think about and consider how they will carry out both classroom management and discipline with their students. While these two items are similar, they certainly are not the same, or are they? Moreover, why do we need them in our classrooms?
Classroom Management and Discipline, although they may seem similar and do go hand in hand in ...view middle of the document...

Discipline, a necessary part of the classroom management, is courses of action educators have put in place for those times when a student falls out of line with the classroom management plan in which they have chosen, and is in need of guidance and or correction to correct their student's actions. Although some students may be motivated enough to comply with the classroom management plan and rules and behave just the way the teacher would like them to without the need of disciplinary action, there will be many students who will need the discipline part of classroom management to help them obey in the classroom.
The need for classroom management and discipline action plans in our classrooms are necessary, as within any classroom you will discover every student that walks through the door will have some sort of behavior or misbehavior. To which the misbehaviors, a behavior done that violates a rule previously set within the classroom management plan, will need attention and corrective action from the teacher. Behaviors can be both positive and negative, some can be controlled by the student while others may not be able to be controlled at all due to disorders a student may have. However it is still of great importance regardless rather it is a behavior that can be controlled or in face a misbehavior the student still will need to follow the rules set in place of the classroom management plan and held accountable by the disciplinary actions set forth by the teacher.
Without classroom management, there is no authority and therefore no need for discipline and without discipline there is no order to which the students are held accountable for behaviors and or misbehaviors. Therefore, although they may not be the same, they are all connected.

Discipline: writing sentences on the board
Discipline: Timeout for misbehavior

Misbehavior: hitting another student with a book

Classroom Management: Getting children to sit listen and pay attention to what is being taught.

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