Disaster Response Essay

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Disaster Response

Disaster Response
Disasters which are always unexpected may lead to significant loss of life that leaves an emotional toll to those who have lost their loved ones. First the responders in addressing the psychological challenges of dealing with significant loss of life, it is important that they know what happens to various people psychologically after the traumatic experience so that they can understand themselves at a personal level. It is important for the responders to realize that there does not exist one standard pattern occurring in all individuals reacting to the stress from the traumatic experiences. The time of recovery depends on individual persons and ...view middle of the document...

The next step that the responder needs to undertake is to find out local support groups that exist such as groups for women who have lost their husbands. This is helpful especially for those people that have personal support not available or very limited. After this the responder can try to find out if there exist any groups that are led by trained and experienced professionals. Discussion groups with other people can help them to realize that they are not the only ones in the world who had to encounter the significant loss of lives and that there are other individuals in the same circumstances (Miller, 2009).

The responder should always ensure that they engage in healthy behaviors which are necessary to enhance their ability to cope with the excessive stress that may be weighing them down. For example they can eat a well balanced diet and ensure that they get plenty of sleep. They should avoid alcohol and drug in trying to cope with difficulties with sleep but rather take on relaxation techniques. The responder should also establish habits such as eating the meals at the regular times and also following exercise programs ( Robson, 2008).

It is also good for the responder to take off from the demands in the daily life and undertake hobbies and other activities that they enjoy being into. At this point of life the responder must also avoid being involved in major life...

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