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Disaster Management In Bangladesh Essay

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s in Bangladesh were largely considered to be acts of God beyond any necessity for undertaking management activities to minimize risks and losses except temporary government responses to distribute relief during post disaster phase without taking into account the socio-economic implications of these events. Efforts had not been made to recognize the dependence of development in proper handling of disasters. But over the years, the Government of Bangladesh has begun to put more emphasis on ways and means of reducing human, economic and environmental costs of disasters in Bangladesh. It has been done through enhancing the national disaster management capacity ...view middle of the document...

Renaming of the Ministry of Relief and Rehabilitation as the Ministry of’ Disaster Management and Relief (MDMR).
Establishment of Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at MDMR.
Establishment of Disaster Management Council and Committees from national down to field levels for overall disaster management.
Organizational Structure at the National Level. Following are the institute at national level to meet crisis situations:-
National Disaster Management Council (NDMC). It is headed by the Humble Prime Minister to formulate and review the disaster management policies and issue directives to all concerns.
Inter-Ministerial Disaster Management Co-ordination Committee (IMDMCC).It is headed by the Humble Minister in charge of the Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief (MDMR) to implement disaster management policies and decisions of NDMC / Government.
National Disaster Management Advisory Committee (NDMAC). It is to be headed by an experienced person having been nominated by the Humble Prime Minister.
Cyclone Preparedness Program Implementation Board (CPPIB).It is headed by the Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief to review the preparedness activities in the face of initial stage of an impending cyclone.
Disaster Management Training and Public Awareness Building Task Force (DMTATF).It is headed by the Director General of Disaster Management Bureau to co-ordinate the disaster related training and public awareness activities of the Government, NGOs and other organizations.
Focal Point Operation Coordination Group of Disaster Management (FPOCG).It is headed by the Director General of DMB to review and co-ordinate the activities of various departments/agencies related to disaster management and also to review the Contingency Plan prepared by concerned departments.
NGO Coordination Committee on Disaster Management (NGOCC).It is headed by the Director General of DMB to review and co-ordinate the activities of concerned NGOs in the country.
Committee for Speedy Dissemination of Disaster Related Warning/ Signals (CSDDWS).It is headed by the Director General of DMB to examine, ensure and find out the ways and means for the speedy dissemination of warning/ signals among the people.
Organizational Structure at the Field Level. Following are the institutes/committees in the field meeting crisis situations:-
District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC). It is headed by the Deputy Commissioner (DC) to co-ordinate and review the disaster management activities at the district level.
Upazila Disaster Management Committee (UZDMC). It is headed by the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) to co-ordinate and review the disaster management activities at the Upazila level.
Union Disaster Management Committee (UDMQ). It is headed by the Chairman of the Union Parishad to co-ordinate and review and implement the disaster management activities of the concerned union.
Disaster Preparedness Mechanisms. To maintain proper co-ordination amongst the concerned...

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