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Disaster In Franklin County Essay

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Disaster in Franklin County
Tina Wixon 324986
Western Governors University-Washington
Community Health Nursing
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Disaster in Franklin County
Section A. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has a large Chain of command. At the head is the EOC Commander, who receives information from the other parts of the chain, and is responsible for relaying that information to other agencies, and also the Homeland Security agency (formerly Federal Emergency Management Agency).
The Safety Officer is in charge of making sure safety policies are followed, and also for relaying what safety equipment might be needed. This person also keeps track and investigates injuries ...view middle of the document...

The Operations Chief will develop, organize, and carry out the incident objectives. Such objectives will include which areas to search, or survey, and which assets and field resources are utilized. The Operations Chief will supervise each team and area, utilizing the resources effectively.
The Logistics Chief does exactly that, takes care of logistics. This can consist of finding equipment needed for health workers, emergency personnel, or finding space to put refugees and pets.
The Finance and Administrative Section Chief plays an important role in tracking finances, expenditures and tracking both resources on hand and resources that have been distributed during the emergency. This enables the department to be aware of supplies that are low and allows for the department to request needed items from outside sources. This section also ensures that proper contractual processes are in place.
The Planning Section Chief gathers information, analyzes the information, and then manages the information gathered, ensuring that all of the sections of the incident responders are informed of everything happening with each section of the response. They then compile the Incident Action Plan.
The last tier of the EOC group is the individual Public Health Organizations. This includes the Community Services Branch Director, the Medical/Health Branch Director, the Fire Branch Director, the Public Works Branch Director, and the Law Enforcement Branch Director. Each director forms their own Chain of Command similar to the EOC chain of command for their own department. Each director is in essence the EOC commander for their particular department. The Public Health Nurse serves under the direction of the Medical/Health Branch director (United States Department of Labor, n.d.).
Section B. Public health personnel played several different roles in this disaster scenario. The command structure is the incident commander on the first tier, the public information officer and the liaison officer on the second tier, and the third tier consisting of the operations chief, planning chief, logistic chief and finance/administration chief finishing out the third and last tier. The Public Health Nurse is not listed on the departmental command structure.
The Public Health Nurse will analyze the incident and apply nursing judgment to public health needs for the incident. In the disaster scenario, the nurse needed to be aware and ask for needed resources such as potable water and sanitation, as well as vulnerable populations in need of home oxygen, needed medications for various co-morbidities such as hypertension and diabetes, and environmental hazards brought about by the natural disaster, such as the possibility of typhoid, cholera, possible mold exposure. The Public Health Nurse will also conduct interviews with the affected population, access and populate information to be relayed to the Public about direct and/or possible health hazards and safety...

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