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Disadvantages And Advantages Of Allowing Long Term Prisoners To Watch Tv

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Topic: What are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing long term prisoners to watch television.

In today's society long term prisoners have the privilege to watch television. There are good things about watching television and there are bad things about television. Television can turn one into many things, a good person or a bad person. Some advantages of watching television are that it can have a spiritual impact on ones life and we can learn many new things like cooking and things that are happening around the world. Some disadvantages of allowing long term inmates to watch television are that they might watch TV shows that can make them act out of character. Another disadvantage is that it will cause the inmates to procrastinate and it will also cause fights and arguments.

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Another advantage of allowing long term prisoners to watch television is that they can learn many new things like how to cook, clean, bake, have manners and table manners. They can watch cooking channels which can improve their cooking skills and baking skills and they can also watch shows that will teach them manners and table manners. They can watch the news so they could learn about what's going on in their country and they can watch educational channels to improve their reading, writing and thinking skills.

There are also disadvantages of allowing long term prisoners to watch television. Allowing them to watch television may lead to them acting out of character from watching negative TV shows. Shows like wrestling may lead them into thinking that they can go around beating up inmate. Shows like Bad Girls Club can make them act out of character by rowing others and thinking that they are better than the other inmates. Shows like Ridiculousness can make them think that its ok to jump off a roof or do the impossible, these shows can also cause arguments among the inmate because everyone has there own favorite show and everyone has a different opinion that may lead to conflict.

Another disadvantage is that prisoners will procrastinate by watching television. As adults would say " too much television is not good for the mind", this means that if we watch to much TV we would not be able to focus and the things we learn from watching TV can have a negative impact on ones life. Watching television would also cause fights and if every inmate wants to watch his own show nothing can get done and this may lead to a lot of conflict.

As you can see there are many advantages of allowing long term prisoners to watch television like, spiritual impact on ones life, learning many new things ( cooking skills baking skills and manners) and reading , writing and thinking skills.
There are also disadvantages like, acting out of character, rowing and fighting which leads to conflict.

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