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Diploma Of Management Essay

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Innovative widgets
Innovative widget has been operating successfully for over 50 years and it is the largest manufacturing company in Australia.

Vision of the company
* Implement and internal culture of excellent customer service
* Produce a vision and mission statement
* Implement a policy and procedures for identify customer needs
* Implement a policy and procedures for customer feedbacks
* Implement a policy and procedures for managing complaints
* Utilize the results of the RATER surveys to modify ...view middle of the document...

Reliability | Customer needs cylindrical stainless steel widgets.Delivery within 24 hours.Sizes as requested.Tolerance as requested. |
Assurance | Staff members to be polite and professional.Talk directly to the customers.Nominate someone to deal with the customer on a 24hr procedure. |
Tangibles | Dress smart.Clean uniforms and delivery vans always clean and washed. |
Empathy | Listen and have a compliant procedure.Follow complaints at all times. |
Responsiveness | Always be prompt and patient.Good listener.Be nominated for specific customers. |

Policies and procedures for complaint
* All employees have to greet customers and give them their name
* Listen the complaint carefully and summarize with what the customer is saying
* Do not argue with customer
* Be sympathy and apologize for any fault or bad service
* Find options for the solution on how to solve the issue
* Be professional at all times
* Help customers with the problem occurred to third party. Help customer to complete and claim forms
* All complaints involving injury have to be reported to customer service manager
* Any other types of complaints to be forwarded to customer service manager

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