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Dignity And Respect Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on professional values and how they help to initiate and develop a professional relationship with the service user. According to Nursing and Midwifery Council (2008), examples of professional values are respect, honesty, care, fairness, communication, courage, compassion, dignity, commitment and competence. The chosen topic of this exercise is dignity. The essay uses the Gibb’s model of reflection to discuss an incident covering dignity at a hospital ward. Gibb’s model is simple to follow with six steps which are description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. Each step has constructive questions to guide in ...view middle of the document...

I also had experience in assisting carers in doing so. Earlier on that same day, I had assisted other patients in maintaining their hygiene with dignity. When Mrs Mary called for help, my mentor told me to care for her because she was confident I had the skills to do so. After the incident, I was confused as to why she would not want her husband to be part of her care. I felt sorry and indeed, embarrassed as other patients kept on asking me what was happening to Mrs Mary. Although I was initially surprised at the way Mrs Mary reacted, I was very angry with myself because my patient was not satisfied with my service and I felt I have violated her individual need for privacy, dignity and intimacy. In addition I felt I led the university down. I was in full uniform therefore representing the university at all time. As a student it is my duty to maintain the highest standards or care. Mr Jake, Mrs Mary’s husband was equally very surprised and emotional. He was surprise at the way his wife reacted, emotional because he wanted to provide care and be part of her recovering process.
Despite all my apologies and how sorry I felt about the situation, Mrs Mary was still in tears. I then decided to talk to my mentor. We had to work together to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of Mrs Mary and Mr Jake (NMC 2010). We both had a discussion with Mrs Mary and Mr Jake. Mrs Mary clearly said she will not want family to be involved in assisting with personal care. She said she had mentioned it to the nurse on the first day she was admitted. My mentor and I were not aware of this. The nurse in charge did not document and failed to pass the information to other members of staff. We did reassure Mrs Mary it was not going to happen again. In addition, the husband comforted her and told her he was there to support her. Mrs Mary felt happier and was pleased for me to continue to assist her with personal hygiene with respect and dignity (NMC, 2008). To prevent further infringement to dignity and privacy, my mentor and I documented everything, included her preference to her care and ensured all members of staffs were informed.
The good thing about this experience is the fact that I was able to practice some of the aspects I learned from the theory on how to maintain dignity. At the start of the service, I greeted Mrs Mary and introduced myself. I asked Mrs Mary if she wanted a bath and if that was the best time for her. I did close the curtain to maintain privacy before starting to assist Mrs Mary with personal hygiene. I explained to Mrs Mary how I was going to assist her and she did agree and gave me her cooperation. According to Nicol (2012), it is important to gain cooperation and consent when providing personal hygiene. The toiletries were according to her preference (Nicol, 2012). During cleaning only the parts of the body that needed cleaning was exposed and that was discussed with Mrs Mary. I also encouraged her to do as much as she...

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